BREAKING: 21 arrested in Seattle for civil disobedience at 12th & Madison: "Inequality ends with us"

Declaring "$15 is just the beginning — Inequality ends with us," 21 workers, students, and community leaders were arrested for blocking the street at 12th & Madison near Seattle University. The arrests came at the culmination of a massive statewide day of action that includes major marches, rallies, strikes, and occupations in Spokane, Yakima, Pasco, Olympia, Federal Way, SeaTac; a presence in a dozen more cities from Bellingham to Vancouver; and the expansion of the movement against poverty wages from fast food to include Uber drivers, retail workers, and adjunct professors.

Workers, students, and community supporters arrested for civil disobedience include:

  • Julie Harms Cannon, Seattle University adjunct professor: "I want to practice what I am asked to teach."
  • Denese Wallace, Home care worker: "Communities need to come together for social and economic change. I want to be part of that change."
  • Michael Church, Airport worker: "I'm doing this in memory of Erick Frank, a former co-worker who recently passed away. Erick was my mentor in the fight to win $15 an hour and to finally have a union at Menzies, the Alaska Airlines contractor I work for."
  • Candice Hemphill, Macy's worker: "I have to take medication that lowers my immune system, so one flu could risk my life. But Macy’s won’t let us stay home when we're sick without getting disciplined. They're also cutting our hours, and they pay a third of us near minimum wage. Retail workers are struggling — this is about getting Macy’s to give us the pay, hours and sick leave we deserve.”
  • Manuel Carillo, Seattle University student: "All those who participated in the actions today know that collectively we are helping to create a more just and humane world, we invite Seattle University to stop obstructing and join us on the right side of justice." 
  • Kathy Yasi, Family Childcare Provider: "I am here today to stand with and support all low wage workers; early learning teachers, fast food workers, adjunct professors and airport workers. Our state's early learning teachers are amongst the lowest paid in the nation. That's not right!"
  • Robby Stern, Senior Advocate: "I believe it is essential for senior citizens and retirees to stand up for the future of our kids and grandkids. The income inequality that plagues our country is undermining our future and our democracy."

Others arrested for civil disobedience because "$15 is just the beginning — Inequality ends with us"

  • SU faculty: Theresa Earenfight; Louisa Edgerly; Michael Ervick; Emily Lieb; Michael Ng; Ben Stork 
  • SU Students: Clint Abodaca; Olivia Engle
  • Community leaders & supporters: Shane Anderson; Karen Hart, President, SEIU Local 925; Jeff Johnson, Washington State Labor Council; James Munger, SU Alum; Sasha Somer; Lauren Tozzi, preschool teacher 


Contact: Sage Wilson, Working Washington: