Thousands of Sea-Tac workers can measure Bill Bryant's track record in their poverty-wage paychecks

While Port Commissioner Bill Bryant may be trying to introduce himself to Washington State voters as a plausible candidate for Governor, thousands of people who work at our seaport and airport can measure his track record in their poverty-wage paychecks

Since he was first elected as a Port Commissioner, Bryant has repeatedly been on the wrong side of history, consistently opposing efforts to raise wages and improve working conditions at our port:

Bryant has served as a Port Commissioner at a time when Sea-Tac Airport workers have led a living wage campaign that is widely recognized for helping spark the nationwide $15 movement — and yet he has opposed essentially every proposal which has come before him to lift up poverty-wage airport workers and boost our local economy.

This is the Bill Bryant who airport workers are familiar with.


Contact: Sage Wilson, Working Washington: