Extra Car Park isn’t paying their workers $15/hr


Two groups of airport workers and community supporters took it right to their employers, Extra Car Park and Air Serv, demanding better wages and working conditions. Extra Car Park isn’t paying their workers the $15/hour that the people of SeaTac voted for and is trying to intimidate workers who are standing up for what they...…Continue Reading

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Lining up in the rain, Seattle speaks out in support of $15

Hundreds of community members stood in the pouring rain, outside of Town Hall Seattle, donning bright red t-shirts emblazoned with a giant yellow “15” on the chest. We were out in force two hours early to show our support of $15 for Seattle at the first public $15 minimum wage hearing. Sure we got a...…Continue Reading

Show you support $15!

Seattle is standing up for a $15 minimum wage and now you can show your support right from home! Click right here, fill out your address and we will mail you a snazzy “$15 for Seattle” window sign. Need a reminder why we are fighting for $15 in Seattle? Check out a few of the...…Continue Reading

Boycott McPoverty: a photo essay

By joining fast food workers to Boycott McPoverty on February 20th, the people of Seattle showed strong support for a $15 minimum wage that builds broad-based prosperity from the middle out.  …Continue Reading

“I want to get out.”

Seattle fast food workers have called for a one day, city-wide boycott of McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s on February 20th. Here’s why. “I have two kids and a wife and I send money back home as well. What we are making now we can’t take care of ourselves. It’s tough and it gets tougher...…Continue Reading

Boycott McPoverty – February 20th

The big burger chains make billions of dollars a year while paying workers less than it takes to survive. McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s have franchised a McPoverty business model that  leaves workers unable to support themselves, shifts costs to the public, and lowers consumer demand. When workers aren’t paid enough to even afford basics like...…Continue Reading