“At the end of the day, we are all people.”

Suzanne tells us why she is fighting for $15.

After a brief press conference to a group of TV cameras, we marched from the McDonald’s on Madison down to the I-90 lid. We gathered there hearing from workers who declared that I-90 will now be known as WA-$15. “I’m on strike because minimum wage isn’t enough,” Suzanne said. “I want $15 so that I can take my kids to Wild Waves. They’ve never been there; we can’t afford it. I always have to tell them no and I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s not right. They are making all this money and they pay us so little I can’t even treat my kids once in a while. This needs to change.”

Eight arrested in Bellevue for civil disobedience over poverty wages

“We Are Rising”: WA-$15 arrives in Bellevue with 8 arrests after long march Culminating a day that saw fast food workers rising through an hours-long march across WA-$15 (formerly I-90), 8 were arrested by Bellevue police this evening over poverty wages. Committed to do “whatever it takes” to defend and expand the principle that everyone…

We Are Rising – Across The State

Workers in Seattle and SeaTac made history by taking action and winning $15. Now the movement is spreading across the state. It starts today in Bellevue: low-wage workers from across the state are joining the call to strike poverty. Together, we’re calling on these multi-billion-dollar corporations to pay $15 an hour, respect workers’ right to…