Working Washington is a statewide workers organization that fights to raise wages, improve labor standards, and change the conversation about wealth, inequality, and the value of work.  Join us.

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Driving for Dignity

Add your name to the Bill of Rights for passengers & drivers in the Uber economy. 

OlympiA: It's the Wages

Olympia workers have launched a campaign for $15 and to expand workers rights in that city.

Our time counts

Workers in coffee, fast food, retail, and other fields are fighting for reliable schedules and access to hours.


Something shady happening at work? Learn more, find out What's My Wage, and take action.


Fighting for good jobs a $15/hour living wage at our airport.

In Our Own Words

Workers share stories about their jobs, their lives, and their communities.


Yep, we have a YouTube channel. It's everything you're imagining: video on a website.


Our look at the week in work & inequality — perfect for workers, activists, and Jon Stewart fans.