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Are you being paid the minimum wage you should be? Are you getting all your breaks at work? Are you getting your paid sick & safe time? Do you know how much you are supposed to be getting paid? Click the button and tell us what is happening at work or you can ask us a question if something just doesn't feel right at work.

Here's a quick rundown of minimum wage, breaks, and paid sick & safe time in Seattle

seattle minimum wage

Effective January 1, 2019, Seattle's minimum wage is $16, $15, and/or $12 an hour, depending:

  • $16.00 an hour if you work at McDonald's, Target, Starbucks, Tom Douglas Restaurants or another large company or chain with more than 500 employees globally.

  • $15.00 an hour if you work at a smaller company or chain with less than 500 employees globally and do not receive tips or healthcare benefits from your employer.

  • $12.00 an hour in wages and at least $15.00 an hour in minimum compensation if you work at a smaller company or chain with less than 500 employees globally. Your minimum compensation is the sum of your wage, your tips, and the cost to your employer of providing healthcare benefits. You can't be paid less than $12.00 an hour in wages, regardless of the amount of your tips or benefits.

Our Whats My Wage tool can help workers navigate the law and report violations. Visit whatsmywage.org for more information.

Paid sick and safe time

All full-time, part-time, and temporary workers in Seattle earn paid sick and safe time.

You can use your paid sick and safe time if you're sick, if you have a doctor visit, or you need to care for a family member.

Your paystub has to show how much paid sick time you have.

breaks and overtime

You get a mandatory 10 minute paid rest break for every 4 hours you work in a day. This is required by law and can't be waived or substituted by a meal break.

You also have the right to take a 30 minute unpaid meal period if you work more than 5 hours in a day.

You have to be paid time and a half if you work over 40 hours in a week for the same employer. Being denied breaks, being denied overtime, or not being paid for all your hours is illegal.

Frequently asked questions

If you want to find out what you are supposed to be making right now click on the "What's My Wage" button. Below are some frequently asked questions about the minimum wage, sick leave, and breaks. With permission, we will be adding more questions here as we answer them.

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