paid sick and safe time

If you work in Seattle, you get paid sick and safe time if your employer has more than four full-time equivalent employees.

You can use your paid sick and safe time if you're sick, if you have a doctor visit, or if you need to care for a family member. Safe time is regarding cases of domestic violence or stalking.

You build up sick time based on how many hours you work. If you work full-time you can earn up to 72 hours per year. If you work part-time you earn less, but everyone gets sick and safe time as long as your employer employs more than 4 full-time equivalent people.

Your paystub has to show how much paid sick and safe time you have available.

what can i use my paid sick time for?

You can use the paid sick time for doctor appointments, when you are sick, or for an ongoing health condition.

can i use paid sick and safe time if my kid is sick?

You can use your time to care for a sick family member or take them to a doctor appointment.

how do i know how much sick and safe time i've accrued?

Your paystub has to show how much paid sick and safe time you have each pay period.

is paid sick and safe time only for when you are sick?

You accrue paid sick and safe time as one amount of time. You can use that time for either sick or safe time. You can use safe time for yourself or a family member in the case of sexual assault or domestic violence.

I only work part-time. am i covered by this law?

Full-time, part-time, and temporary workers are all covered equally under this law. The amount of sick and safe time you earn depends on how many hours you work.

do i have to have a doctor's note to use sick or safe time?

Employees do not have to have a doctor's note most of the time. However, if an employer thinks there has been a pattern of abuse or sick and safe time, they can request a doctor's note. The employer can also request a doctor's note if you've been out sick for more than three consecutive work days.

If an employer does not offer health insurance, then the cost of getting the documentation is split 50/50 with the employer and the employee. This is only for the cost of documentation, not the care itself.

How much notice do i need to give?

If your employer has a call out policy of notice, follow that. Otherwise, let them know as soon as possible.

If you are scheduling a doctor appointment, then you should give your employer ten days notice.

how long do i have to work before i can use sick and safe time?

You start accruing sick and safe time from your first hour of work. Your paystubs will show how much time you have and after about six months you have the right to start using your accrued time.

how about if i'm not a citizen or i don't have a green card?

All employees who work in Seattle are covered by this law including people who are undocumented. In fact, the City of Seattle has a policy of not asking about immigration status regarding labor rights. There are also protections against retaliation and non-disclosure from us or the city to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

what can i do if i'm not getting my paid sick and safe time?

Give us a call at 253-256-5176 or email