Instacart's "transparent" new pay structure: underpayment, tip theft, and black-box algorithms

“If customers knew Instacart was using their tips to lower the amount the company has to spend on labor, they would be furious. That's the customers' hard-earned money — they're trying to use it to tip workers in addition to Instacart's pay. They're not tipping so Instacart can pay workers less, they're tipping so workers can make more money. But Instacart is using those tips to pay wages, and it's not OK.”

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Overtime for Nonprofit Workers?!? 

Join us Wednesday 1/23 for a conversation about nonprofits and restoring overtime rights — featuring Vu Le of NonprofitAF and Rainier Valley Corps fame, Misha Werschkul of the Washington State Budget & Policy Center, and Rachel Lauter of Working Washington and Fair Work Center.

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"You’re one phone call away from having to drop everything and go to work."

When I worked as a fishmonger at Whole Foods Market they wanted to promote me to associate team leader, a salaried position, but I refused. In the seven years I worked there, I got maximum raises at every evaluation but declined invitations to move up because I knew what those positions were like. The corporation basically owned you. You’re one phone call away from having to drop everything and go to work.

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Do you work at a nonprofit?

As we've been campaigning to restore overtime protections for salaried workers in our state, we've encountered a somewhat surprising voice speaking out in opposition to workers' rights: a handful of nonprofit executive directors and nonprofit industry groups have been siding with the business lobbyists and trying to convince the state that people working extra hours without extra pay is just the way things are.

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it's time to talk about 2019

2019 calendar.png

The results are in and we know who's representing us in the WA Legislature next year. And now, it's time to start thinking about what we want our elected officials to get done in 2019.

You're a member, so we want to know what you think should be on our statewide workers' rights agenda next year!

Click below to tell us which issue is the biggest priority for you…

OUR TIME COUNTS (statewide secure scheduling + restoring overtime protections)

RIGHTS INTO REALITIES (tools to hold employers accountable + community-based enforcement)

REDUCING INCOME INEQUALITY (benefits for gig workers + reining in CEO pay + Working Families Tax Credit)

We're fighting for some pretty cutting-edge changes to the way we think about workers' rights, so it's vital that we get input from workers all across the state. Click here to let us know what you think!