Raise the minimum wage and raise up Washington with Initiative 1433

When passed, I-1433 will raise up Washington workers and Washington’s economy by increasing the statewide minimum wage to $13.50/hour over the next four years and providing up to 7 days of paid sick & safe leave for workers in our state. Raising wages is good for workers and it’s good for the economy too. After all, when more people have more money, that means more customers for more businesses. And that raises up everyone!

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Why Michaelene from Port Orchard Supports Initiative 1433

Michaelene is a mother who lives in Port Orchard and has worked a variety of low-wage jobs while supporting her son.

Michaelene and her son

Michaelene and her son

Apartment & mortgage costs have so exponentially risen since the 1990s that it leavesthe present minimum federal & state wages way behind cost-of-living recovery from rise in basic household expenses, and health care premiums & out-of-pocket expenses required for family members' care for improving to their potential.

I worked from when I was twelve and my mom recovered with physical, speech & occupational therapies [from] a cardiac arrest during surgery. Worked for my dad, Sears, The Bon Marche, University of Washington Health Sciences, VA Medical Ctr., Preschool Care Centers., Seattle Urban League Education secretary and King County council & land use office technician. Worked part-time at V.A. Medical Center. to return for A.S. and, eventually bachelor and education degrees. Could not survive on a beginning teacher salary in 1987 & raise my son having speech-language cerebral palsy, ADHD & high-functional Autism Spectrum Disorder. I had to constantly advocate with government and insurance agencies for son's therapies while holding my 35-40 hour of work a week and tending to my son's personal growth, education & medical prescriptions.

Even a small amount of increased wages would allow families to cover utility bills increased through no fault of their own, gas tank fill-up for transportation to work, transit pass for half or a full month (if service available), one time a month family dinner out (supporting community economy), paying for needed family member caregiving (supporting economy), a few dollars in a savings jar or account for unexpected expenses of accidents, a family recreational activity, paying a class for training & self-improvement, plus so much more.

-Michaelene, Port Orchard


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Secure Scheduling is Headed to a Full Seattle City Council Vote

Secure Scheduling had its most critical victory yet yesterday, and an end to unpredictable, unstable scheduling practices could come to an end next Monday!

the 9/13 Committee meeting on secure scheduling

the 9/13 Committee meeting on secure scheduling

Yesterday Working Washington and our allies have gotten secure scheduling legislation moved out of committee to a final, full vote of the Seattle City Council. And guess what?  It was a unanimous decision. This is no longer a long shot or wishful thinking; a vote for real, substantive change for thousands of workers is happening in less than week.  Here’s four things you should know:

1. Workers got this done: Through hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls, and public comments to the city council, we were able to show the city council this is more than an idea...it’s a necessity. This is people power, plain and simple.

2. This is a huge deal: Not since the $15 minimum wage increase has such important legislation for workers been considered in Seattle.

3. Can’t stop, won’t stop: The Seattle secure scheduling legislation being proposed is so strong that it could serve as not just a model for the rest of the state, but the nation

4. You can still help: Don’t miss out on the action thinking you woulda, coulda, shoulda helped. Hop on the bandwagon! Donate here (I mean, come on, you knew we’d ask) or take a minute to sign onto our letter to the council before the vote.

This coming Monday, the 19th at 2 pm, a lot of lives could change for the better in Seattle with this vote. Thanks for making that go from a possibility to an inevitably.