Details on February 17th pray-in for religious freedom & immigrant rights at Amazon

Thank you for supporting Amazon security workers calling on the company to deliver on religious freedom and immigrant rights in the courts, in our airports, and in their own buildings too.

Pray-in for religious freedom & immigrant rights at Amazon

Friday, February 17th
12:00 pm
Amazon South Lake Union Campus
440 Terry Ave N, Seattle

440 Terry Ave N is the plaza that looks like this.

440 Terry Ave N is the plaza that looks like this.

What's going to happen

About 100 workers & supporters from community organizations and faith groups will gather at Amazon's headquarters for a "pray-in" in support of religious freedom & immigrant rights. People of all faith backgrounds are welcome! Look out for Working Washington signs & T-shirts if you want to say Hi. (Please do!) 

How to get there

Parking in South Lake Union can be tough, but the area is quite accessible by transit. These lines and several others stop nearby:

  • South Lake Union Streetcar
  • Metro C Line
  • Metro #8
  • Metro #40
  • Metro #62, 63, 64
  • Metro #70
  • Metro #83

More info

The Facebook event is a good source of info. You can also feel free to send an email to if you have any questions!




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