More about Wednesday’s actions across the state, and major march & rally in Seattle

From Spokane to Olympia, Pasco to SeaTac, and Yakima to Seattle: $15 is just the beginning. Inequality ends with us.

Times, places, locations and more info on major series of actions Wednesday, including Uber Seattle, Macy’s, Seattle University, and others



8:00 am: Federal Way Crossings McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell: S 348th St & Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way
Fast food workers from Federal Way and across South King County will converge to occupy fast food locations at Federal Way Crossings.

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United under the call that “$15 is just the beginning — Inequality ends with us,” hundreds and hundreds of fast food workers, homecare workers, retail workers, immigrant workers, drivers, adjunct professors, students, and others across Washington State will rise up from Spokane and Yakima to Olympia and SeaTac as part of the biggest nationwide mobilization yet in the fight against poverty-wage jobs. It all comes together in a major march snaking through downtown Seattle from Occidental Park to Seattle University.

Here’s what you need to know about key dates, times, and locations. (A full list of events from Bellingham to Vancouver – and map — is available online)


$15 for all — Seattle was just the beginning
Fast food, home care, and other low-wage workers across the state and across the country are calling for a basic standard of $15/hour for all workers. That’s the minimum it takes for workers anywhere to support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy.

OLYMPIA - 10:45 am:

$15 for Olympia, it’s the wages
Last month, Olympia workers launched a campaign for $15 in that city. Now workers take the next step, calling on their employers there to lead the way by paying $15 and putting more money back into the local economy.

NEW: Olympia workers are going on strike!

  • Olympia10:45 am, Capital Mall (SE entrance — Capital Mall Dr SW & Black Lake Blvd SW)

SEA-TAC AIRPORT - 11:30 am:

$15 is just the beginning: airport workers continue the fight
Airport workers and supporters will gather in Sea-Tac Arrivals Hall, then proceed to the Alaska Airlines ticket counter to highlight health & safety issues and poverty wages.

  • Sea-Tac: 11:30 am, Gather at Carousel 16, head to the Alaska Airlines ticket counter

UBER SEATTLE - 2:00 pm:

Driving into poverty — inequality ends with us
Drivers for Uber are organizing an App-Based Drivers Association with drivers for Lyft and Sidecar. Working at the leading edge of our changing economy, these drivers are technically considered independent contractors and so are not covered by the city’s minimum wage law. They’re challenging the way this multi-billion-dollar company exploits immigrant drivers and puts them on a path to poverty.

  • 2:00 pm: Occidental Park Seattle (S Main St & Occidental Ave S) to Uber Corporate Office (217 2nd Ave)

MACY’S SEATTLE - 3:00 pm:

$15 is just the beginning — Retail workers are the magic of customer service
One-third of Macy's workers in Seattle are now paid the city's $11 minimum wage — thousands of retail workers across the state are paid even less, not to mention the Macy’s that are just outside of Seattle. And they struggle with cuts to hours and irregular scheduling practices that make it difficult to arrange childcare, go to school, or just have a life.

  • 3:00 pm: Westlake Park Seattle (4th Ave & Pine St) to Macy’s (1601 3rd Ave)


Homecare workers and others will gather at Cal Anderson Park at 3:30 before joining the main march as it moves to Seattle University


Occupy the university — Inequality ends with us
Everyone should have access to quality, affordable education — and educators deserve a living wage like all workers do. Tuition has risen 82% in the last 10 years, but a majority of faculty at SU are working part-time for low pay, no job security, and few benefits. Adjuncts are poverty-wage workers too.

  • 4:00 pm: Seattle University, Chapel of St Ignatius (12th & Marion), then Occupy Seattle University

IT ALL COMES TOGETHER - 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

$15 is just the beginning. Inequality ends with us
Hundreds and hundreds of fast food workers, drivers, retail workers, students, adjunct professors, and others will unite to occupy Seattle University for a rally, teach-in, and more, and then together take over the streets outside the university to say across different cities and different industries: we’re not done yet. $15 is just the beginning. Inequality ends with us.


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