Senator Murray is undecided?

The nomination of fast food CEO Andy Puzder to be Secretary of Labor is on shaky ground. His confirmation hearings have already been delayed four times. Right now, there's not even a date scheduled. And every week seems to bring new revelations about wage theft, sexual harassment, and other violations of the same laws he’d supposedly be in charge of enforcing.

So we were surprised to hear that a rep for Washington's Senator Patty Murray recently said that Murray is undecided on whether she’ll oppose his nomination.

Wait, what? After all this? Undecided?!

Senator Murray, you endorsed a higher minimum wage. You supported secure scheduling. You’ve long been an ally on workers rights. It's good to know that that you have serious concerns here... but how have you not decided to oppose the nomination of a wage-thieving fast food CEO as the next Secretary of Labor?

Help Senator Murray make a decision: let her know what made you oppose Puzder’s nomination.

  • Was it his role as a multimillionaire fast food CEO?
  • Was it his chain’s record of violating wage theft laws?
  • Was it the story about charging workers 10¢/hour for uniforms?
  • Was it learning how many of the women who work for his chain experienced sexual harassment?
  • Or was it something else entirely?

Click here to let Sen. Murray know why *you* oppose Puzder’s nomination. Maybe that will help her decide too.

Sen. Murray has earned our respect over her years in office. But right now it’s clear that she needs to hear why her constituents want her to oppose the nomination of a fast food CEO to be Secretary of Labor.

Your voice can help.