Watch workers from across the state speak out to defend our minimum wage

On February 2nd, the State Senate committee on Commerce, Labor, and Sports heard 3 bills which would roll back our state's minimum wage.

Hear what workers had to say about that — and then send a message of support.

Some of the messages of support that have come in from across the state

Thank you for standing up to speak out for all of us! Washington workers deserve a higher minimum wage, not a lower one!
 —Jason C, Lynnwood

Keep up the fight. Minimum wage needs to keep up with costs of living better.
 —Emilia, Seattle

We need a living wage for workers in this state.  That's what we want to work for not a decrease in the minimum wage.
 —Sheila H, Redmond

We the people of Washington voted to raise wages, they cannot take that away from us!
 —Amanda O, Olympia

This only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.  Let us honor those who are less fortunate than some.
 —Agnes R, Seattle

Keep on fighting! We are behind you 100%
 —Susan S, Olympia

Not everyone can afford to go to college or a technical Institute. So until higher education is free,  I will continue to fight for you for higher minimum wages. Keep fighting!
—Judy R, Covington

The will of the people needs to be respected. 
 —Cherry C, Vashon

This offends me the Legislature would try and pull such a stunt. I can't believe the employers that make a good living off your backs would pull such a trick. Hopefully the Governor will veto them.
 —Larry M, Richland 

It is about time our legislators stop trying to increase CEO & Executive Mgmt. insane pay increases of 350+% over the last 40 yrs. when the lower & middle income families work very productively for 2+% pay increases over the last 40 yrs.    I worked with excellent performance in greater Puget Sound area businesses 1974-2002 for $4.50/hr.-$18./hr.  I struggled to shelter in studio-1 bdrm. apartments, paybasic household expenses & provide minimum conveniences and therapies to open opportunities for my son .  After 1986 my son having permanent disabilities lived in many 1 bdrm. apartments 'til he was 10, when I found an older 2-bdrm. duplex in Renton Highlands for his middle school yrs. 
—Ms. Michaelene M, Port Orchard  

On behalf of so many working refugees in Washington state who may not have the ability to express themselves in English I would like to bow with all respect to those courageous people who defend the vulnerable. 
 —Amira A, Tri Cities

Don't let them lower wages for younger workers, restaurant workers or anybody else. A living minimum wage is mandatory!
 —Lawrence S, Spokane

Keep up the Resistance to progress, and the dignity of earning a living wage
 —Trevor, Seattle

Keep on fighting y'all - we're up against big money and a lack of care about us regular folks.
 —Laura, Arlington

I depend on minimum wage to pay my bills.  At nearly 60 years of age, there aren't a lot of options for me.  I want to pay my bills.  Please don't take that away.
 —Kerin M, Port Orchard

We are with you 100%. We will remember what these legislators do, come the next election. We will not forget, and we will vote.
 —Tami G, Olympia

Keep up the good fight.
 —Angela D, Spokane

Please allow those who work so hard to have a decent living too.  I support a minimum wage of $15/hour in Washington State.
 —John N, Yakima

 —Linda, Vancouver

We support you in fighting to defend the minimum wage.  Everyone benefits when workers receive a living wage. It is right, it is just, it is moral.  Removing minimum wage protection is indefensible.
 —Carol P, University Place

You're making the world better for everyone!
 —Megan M, Issaquah

We must defend our minimum wage!
 —Nadejda T, Kingston

When you stand up for your value you stand up for all of us.  Thank you for your courage!
 —Claudia T, Woodinville

Corporations and small businesses only create jobs when there is demand.  Wage earners in the middle class create demand when we spend our money.  More money, more demand, more jobs.
 —T W Wilson, Pasco

Thank you for fighting for prosperity for the whole state.
 —John N, Seattle 

Statistics have repeatedly shown that increasing the minimum wage helps pretty much everyone.
 —Ivan H, Sequim

Thank you for speaking out. Keep fighting you have Wash voters behind you
 —Cheryl, North Bend

Keep fighting!
 —Elliot Staatz, Anacortes

Solidarity & Respect! Thanks for representing!
 —Peach, Tacoma 

I stand with workers fighting to defend a minimum wage that is more of a living wage, that enables them and their families to live securely. 
 —Dennis J, Tacoma

We are with you!  We are all with you! We won't give up or back down, in the fight for a minimum wage that can support a working person and help support a family.
 —Deborah, Bellingham

Hang in there and fight for what you believe in, starting with your dreams and your future and your families and those of people who will follow you!  Hang tough!
 —Rebecca Nimmons, Bellevue

How about paying those STUPID POLITICIANS in Olympia, who don't know what it's like to be on minimum wage, minimum wage instead of the salaries they are receiving now ?
 —Ted, Olympia

Keep fighting.  You deserve a raise.  You probably deserve more than minimum wage.
 —Robert B, Fircrest

Keep up hope. You deserve what our parents had:  a fighting chance to always do better.
 —Cliff S, Issaquah

Thank you for standing up!
 —Kristine, University Place

We passed the increase because it is necessary.
 —Heidi G, Tenino

No one who works full time should live in poverty!
 —Steve, Snohomish

Stand strong.  I support your efforts to defend the minimum wage.  A minimum wage was created so that it gave workers a DECENT LIVING WAGE. 
 —Dean, Bonney Lake

Do not buy into servitude! US Labor department statistics show that raises in minimum wage always excite the economy and result in more jobs.
 —david, Everett

You are my heroes. Seriously, nobody else deserves as much as you. I feel like EVERY SINGLE TIME CONGRESS VOTES THEMSELVES A PAY RISE, IT SHOULD ALSO BE THE SAME PERCENTAGE ADDED TO MINIMUM WAGE. Tie the two together and make laws similar to the law in Portland, OR about % of CEOs versus low wage workers.
—Nina F, Seattle

Do not give up!
 —Joe H, Longview

Even the minimum wage as it is now can't support a family! It seems each year our nation becomes poorer.
 —Sandra R, Bellingham

Only THOSE who have never hurt will impose this weakness upon another.  
 —Lynn Clark, Tenino

Often the reason why some teenagers do not work is that the pay is too low and really not worth taking the time against studies and school activities. A higher minimum wage will..A: give them an opportunity to put some aside for college entrance fees and upcoming expenses, B: help their parents, C: make them know thats the minimum and set their sight on much greater income, D: allow them to work fewer hours but still gain in economic opportunity. I support a higher minimum wage for all, not just a few.
 —Bob, Olympia

 As a reflection of dignity in work, minimum wage is a necessity for people to thrive.
 —Richard G, Pasco

We can't just voice our fight, we must translate our fight into action.  The action is voting in candidates at all levels of government who's record proves that they support workers!  The action is helping progressive candidates take over all levels of government elected positions. 
 —Matthew H, Puyallup

Thank you so much for everything you've done:)
 —Fiona Barrettt, Lynnwood

Hang in ,don't give in, every worker deservesa living wage. wages and healthcare are a necessity for every worker.
—Lois F, Seattle

The American people are under siege by immoral bankrupt powers that seek to crush the needs of ordinary citizens to render them to a hopeless state of mind and body.
 —John V, Mount Vernon

Thank you for your TIME away from your own lives and for the example your setting. May you be blessed with extra love and energy to keep up the fight.
 —Susan, Goldendale 

Yes, we should highlight with actual dollar values what the (difference) is between what legislators and CEO's are making vs. other workers. This is not an expectation that low wage earners are doing *equal work*, but rather to underline the impossible conditions of making an unlivable wage. Put the shoe on the other's foot by outlining the COSTS of living- rising rents, heat, safe food, gas or transportation, internet access, education, etc. and outline how that cannot be done with a minimum wage. Else REDUCE ALL of those COSTS of LIVING, and come back to the table.
 —Elaine D, Seattle

I appreciate the courage & combined effort you have made to speak for yourself & many others who would be negatively affected by reversing our new minimum wage law.
 —Steven W, Lyle, WA

You deserve more. Keep fighting to increase the minimum wage!
 —Eric F, Seattle