These are the candidates to hire in the November elections.

When candidates run for office they’re basically applying for a job working for us, the people they want to represent. That’s why we asked the candidates for local office to submit job applications before we’d make a recommendation on who workers should hire for the jobs. (In one race we even held job interviews!)

After carefully considering the candidates’ job applications and asking our members to help evaluate, we are pleased to offer recommendations for workers to hire the following candidates for office in Seattle, Tukwila, and Yakima. (Formal offers to fill in the position will be made by the County elections departments, pending ratification in the November election.)

Seattle City Council

Teresa Mosqueda for Seattle City Council, Position 8

Mosqueda is a standout candidate who has played a leadership role in essentially every advance on workers rights in the past several years in our state. Her opponent Jon Grant is also a solid candidate and we’ll gladly keep his resume on file; he simply can’t compete with such a phenomenally experienced and talented applicant.

Lorena González for Seattle City Council, Position 9

González currently serves in this position and has used it to advance workers rights, most notably as one of two key councilmembers who helped drive the passage of Seattle’s landmark secure scheduling law. Her opponent Pat Murakami has slim experience on workers’ rights issues, but does have a record of opposing community investments that benefit workers, including strong opposition to the development of a community center for day laborers.

Tukwila City Council

Zak Idan for Tukwila City Council, Position 5

Idan wants to make living wage jobs a priority for the city, much as he did as a board member of Abubakr Islamic Center, which was a key community base of support for the landmark $15 living wage in SeaTac. His opponent Dennis Martinez has been involved with construction unions and might be worth consideration for future positions, but did not respond to our requests to submit a job application.

De’Sean Quinn for Tukwila City Council, Position 7

Quinn is a current councilmember who has supported tenants’ rights, affordable housing, and other issues that affect workers’ lives, and has repeatedly taken the time to hear from airport workers and offer his support as an elected official. His opponent Mary Ann Garris expresses more support for businesses’ rights than workers’ rights, and did not respond to our requests to submit a job application.

Yakima City Council

Pablo Gonzalez for Yakima City Council, District 2

Gonzalez spent years working difficult jobs for low wages, including at a fruit packing warehouse, and has strong community roots, including long involvement with local radio and community engagement center KDNA. His opponent Jason White is an urban farmer who has shared little information on his resume, experience, or issue positions, and did not respond to our requests to submit a job application

Kay Funk for Yakima City Council, District 4

Funk is a physician who has picketed with hospital workers, helped gather signatures for Washington Initiative 1433 to raise the minimum wage, and supports policies which protect the rights of immigrant workers. Her opponent, Keith Effler, is running on a platform that calls for reducing services for homeless people while subsidizing private business, and did not respond to our requests to submit a job application.