Teresa Mosqueda for Seattle City Council, Position 8

Candidate evaluations:

Teresa Mosqueda: 14.1 / 15
Resume & Experience: 5, Issues: 5, Ratings: 4.1

Jon Grant: 11.9 / 15
Resume & Experience: 4, Issues: 4, Ratings: 3.9

Teresa Mosqueda is a standout candidate who deserves the support of Seattle workers.

Mosqueda has played a leadership role in essentially every advance on workers rights in the past several years in our state. When Seattle fast food workers first walked out on strike for $15, Mosqueda was there, and she was there again the next day, showing up early in the morning to walk striking workers back into work in order to show the chains that the community had workers’ backs. She spoke out in support of secure scheduling, chaired the campaign to raise the statewide minimum wage, coordinated successful efforts to defend workers’ rights as a lobbyist and policy expert at the state capitol, walked countless picket lines, and this year helped win paid family leave for workers in the state. She is a unique candidate who has already proven she’ll be there, time and time again, whenever workers are fighting for their rights — and that she can help them win.

Mosqueda also has a strong platform on other critical issue that affect workers, including affordable housing and childcare. Mosqueda is the only candidate for council who’s also a renter. And based on her resume and experience, she’s remarkably well equipped to lead the way forward on emerging issues including rights for domestic workers & new approaches to the gig economy.

Jon Grant has a solid history of advocacy on affordable housing, and he also worked for the I-1433 campaign to raise the statewide minimum wage, under Mosqueda’s leadership. He is a fine candidate with solid issue positions, but his record on core worker issues simply does not measure up to Mosqueda’s experience, focus, leadership, and results.

The choice for workers is clear. Teresa Mosqueda deserves your support.