Kay Funk for Yakima City Council, District 4

Candidate evaluations:

Kay Funk: 11 / 15
Resume & Experience: 4, Issues: 3, Ratings: 4

Keith Effler: 4 / 15
Resume & Experience: 2, Issues: 2, Ratings: 0.  (Effler did not submit an application.)

Kay Funk is the best choice for Yakima voters in District 4.

A longtime physician, Funk understands the importance of healthcare from personal experience, including the health impact of difficult work schedules. 

Funk has picketed with hospital workers, and also helped gather signatures for Washington Initiative 1433, which raise the statewide minimum wage and provided paid sick days. She also supports policies ensuring local police don’t engage in racial profiling or facilitate detention by ICE, and would like to see the city formally support comprehensive immigration reform.

Funk’s opponent, Keith Effler, works as a photographer and wants the Yakima police to work more closely with federal immigration authorities. Effler is running on a platform that calls for reducing services for homeless people while subsidizing private business. He declined to participate in our endorsement process, so we did have the opportunity to learn more about his positions and background, and do not have a job application to submit for ratings.

Funk is the right choice in the District 4 race. She deserves your support — and then she deserves to be held accountable to continue siding with workers and immigrants on the council.