De'Sean Quinn for tukwila City Council, Position 7

Candidate evaluations:

De’Sean Quinn: 12 / 15
Resume & Experience: 4, Issues: 4, Ratings: 4

Laura Ann Garris: 5 / 15
Resume & Experience: 3, Issues: 2, Ratings: 0. (Garris did not submit an application.)

De’Sean Quinn deserves the support of Tukwila workers.

As a current member of the City Council, he has been a consistent voice on issues that affect workers’ lives, including fair treatment for tenants and ensuring that affordable housing for workers is a key part of the city’s development plans.

Quinn has also written on the suburbanization of poverty — and how creating living-wage jobs is a key part of the response. He’s joined picket lines, and used his office to back up workers fighting for their rights. Long before SeaTac workers’ fight for good jobs and living wages became a hot issue in the news, he took the time to hear their stories at community forums, and offered his support as a public official.

Quinn’s opponent, Laura Ann Garris, is an educator and property manager running on a platform focused on crime. Her website describes her vision for the city as “pro business,” and implies she would be inclined to oppose new labor standards in the city. However, Garris did not respond to our requests to participate in our endorsement process so we did have the opportunity to learn more about her positions and priorities, and do not have a job application to submit for ratings.

De’Sean Quinn has been there for workers on the City Council. He deserves your support