Want a roof over your head? You're gonna need more than $9.47/hr.

No one can afford rent anywhere in the state on the current minimum wage. Washington state needs a raise.

The latest report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition looks at the hourly wages a full-time worker would need to afford a fair market rate 2-bedroom apartment. In Washington state, our current minimum wage of $9.47 wasn’t even close.

Here’s what your hourly wage needs to be in order to afford a 2-bedroom apartment:

  • Yakima $14.60
  • Spokane $15.17
  • Vancouver $23.23
  • Tri-Cities $16.17
  • Bellingham $17.50
  • Tacoma $21.65
  • Bremerton $19.52

This is just another reason why we are fighting to raise the statewide minimum wage.