Are the business lobbyists losing their grip on reality?

The business lobbyists said it wasn’t possible. They swore we were just making stuff up when we said we could have higher wages and a strong economy. They said businesses would flee, jobs would be lost, and the local economy would suffer.

But a year after we passed the first-in-the-nation $15 law, unemployment is below 4%, Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and some of the most prominent business owners who predicted disaster are aggressively expanding.

And now many of these same people who spent last year concocting an alternative reality of looming economic armageddon are holding an event to meet with political candidates in a location that shows just how out of touch they were: a new business celebrating its Grand Opening.

We can only imagine what fever dreams they’re sharing with these politicians now — and we can only assume they’re being treated with the raised eyebrows they deserve.

A business lobbyist event… at a restaurant grand opening!


Meanwhile in Tacoma, their Chamber is accidentally arguing for a $19.85/hour wage… and holding fifteen-yacht events!