Washingtonians to Chase "Create good jobs!"

Washingtonians are telling Chase Bank to create good jobs in our communities and to stop practices that are hurting working families.  On Saturday, June 25, community members from Auburn, Federal Way, Burien and Seattle said “enough with business as usual” and went to local Chase Banks to make their voices known.

We delivered letters from community members who live near the Chase Bank in Seattle on 23rd and Jackson to the branch manager.  We told them that Chase had not been giving back to the community, even though the community and the community's customers benefit them.  We had dozens of signed letters from neighbors who all live within a mile of the branch. This was the first time that Octavius, a young man from Seattle, had ever taken action to fight for his community.  He saw that the banks were getting bailouts and bonuses and that his community was not getting anything in return.

“We are just asking for the jobs that Chase took away from us,” said Octavius.

Chase laid off 3400 Washingtonians when it took over Washington Mutual.

“I was talking to some people who thought that WaMu made bad decisions,” said Octavius, “Chase is benefiting from those mistakes and none of us are.  That’s why I’m out here.”