CEO's profit while working families lose.

Experts say the recession is over.  Experts are wrong. Paul Wiseman of the Seattle Times recently wrote about how the recession is still going strong for most families and that this recovery has been historically slow.  Wiseman points out that most of the recovery has been directed into corporate profits and CEO bonuses.   Meanwhile workers take home stagnant wages, have less job security, fewer job choices and more reliance on social services.  Working Washington has seen these facts first hand with many of our community members still having a hard time finding good jobs.

Usually, a recession's end means a stronger labor market as the country gets back on its feet.  This recovery is different as most of the recovered capitol and wealth has disproportionally gone to Wall Street and CEO bonuses.  Companies have learned to operate with fewer workers in the lean times and as times get better, companies are choosing not to hire.

People who are lucky enough to find work are sticking to it, even if the job is more work for less pay and no benefits. With the unemployment rate still above nine percent, working families don't have a choice.

What our families really need are good jobs that allow them to have real choices, with the good American benefits that rebuild confidence in the economy. People should be able to live in decent housing, with food on the table, and opportunities to build a better life for themselves and for their children. People who work for a living deserve a fair shot at success.

Experts say the economy is getting stronger, and it is if you happen to be a CEO -- but the rest of us are still struggling to make ends meet. Corporate profits are skyrocketing and CEO bonuses are at record highs, but that "recovery" hasn't reached the rest of us.

The truth is that the economy will not bounce back on its own. The choices that politicians and elected officials make determine the rules of the economy. The choices that companies and CEOs make determine whether we will have enough good jobs to strengthen the middle class. Working families need to work together to make sure politicians and corporations make the right choices for our future.

It's time for us to come together and demand a change. We can't wait any longer. It's time for Congress and CEO's to give back to the communities that keep them in business by investing in good jobs.