CEO pay skyrockets, while ours is grounded

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie DimonThe economy is doing great, if you’re a CEO.  Last year Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon made $20 million dollars in executive pay and bonuses.  That’s 925 times more than the average worker at Chase.  His earnings and many other CEOs pay have risen sharply over the last few years.  Meanwhile the average worker has seen their pay stagnate and their real earning power has actually decreased, but CEOs don’t want you to know that. According to an article in the Seattle Times, CEO’s from 81 major companies are fighting now to stop legislation that would require them to compare their salaries with the salaries of their workers.  They do not want to disclose how much of a gulf there is between those of us fighting to stay in the middle class, and the privileged few.  Some companies pay their executives up to 400 times what the average worker makes.  No wonder they want to keep that a secret.

Every time a CEO cuts himself a bonus check, he’s cutting the paychecks of working families.  When CEO’s increase their bonuses and executive pay by putting us out of work, we have the right to join together to stop them.

Working families don’t expect to get rich or to be famous, but we do expect living wages and good American benefits for the hard work that we do every day.

We know that the middle class is in danger because of the disparity between workers and executive’s pay and for the first time in our nation's history, some of us believe our kids will fewer opportunities than we did.  That’s not right and we won’t stand for it.

We’re fighting back against big banks and CEOs who broke our economy.  We are fighting for a more fair economy where hard work is rewarded and our children have a brighter future.  Join us today at to get involved.

We are organizing and we are winning.