Who We Are--Michael Neale

My name is Michael Neale.  I fought for my country, got hurt, disabled and I don’t have health care.  I drifted for a while and I was homeless for about five years before I was able to get back to work as a machine operator.  I’m glad to be working, but this job just doesn't pay a living wage. I’m raising a son on my own and I’m barely able to pay my bills.

I had to claw for anything I ever got but I know that we have to stand together if we want to make the big changes.

I’m part of Working Washington because we have to hold big corporations like Chase Bank accountable for their decisions that make families like mine have to struggle.

If we work together, friends, families and neighbors we can push back.  We have to because hard working families shouldn't have to worry about how they are going to pay their next bill or watch their children go hungry.