Plaintiff in anti-$15 lawsuit tells TV reporter that businesses & jobs "will be lost"... at the exact same time he's hiring at his Seattle shop and sales are up 9%

Chuck Stempler of Alphagraphics is a named plaintiff in the lawsuit by the franchise industry arguing that Seattle's $15 law is unfair to McDonald's. As the case was argued on appeal yesterday, Stempler appeared on KOMO 4 news, telling reporter Michelle Esteban that the law is sure to have apocalyptic consequences. "People will lose their businesses," he declared severely. "Employees will lose their jobs."

Actually: the opposite. Because at the very same moment that apocalyptic quote aired, Stempler's company has posted two jobs in just the last month.

It makes sense they're hiring in what they call their "busy and growing" shop — Alphagraphics Seattle told an industry publication in June that they are investing aggressively in new equipment, and sales were up 9% last year. They even boasted of rising to become the number-three quick print shop in the nation in a recent ranking, up a couple spots from last year as revenues hit $15.4 million. And sales per employee? $176,999.

Clearly, this company is thriving, not struggling. That's why they boast about their appearance on the top shops list that "you will be seeing our name on this list again for many years to come."  

What's the problem again?