Publicola: An Uber Economy Bill of Rights, a Candidate Forum, and Rent Control

Publicola, 9/17/2015:

The union-backed group Working Washington is circulating a bill of rights for “Uber Economy” drivers (and passengers) complaining that $51 billion companies like Uber “exploit” contract workers by, for example, not paying the $15 minimum wage and not allowing drivers to organize. (Check out Working Washington’s driver and passenger bill of rights, which also highlights passenger privacy.)

Citing the city’s regulatory powers over the ride share industry, progressive council member Mike O’Brien recently proposed legislation that would give contract drivers the right to organize.

Working Washington has reached out to candidates (and current council members) through social media, receiving some enthusiastic responses (Kshama Sawant retweeted the effort with a shout-out in support, and her opponent Pamela Banks favorited the campaign), but only seven of the 18 candidates and one of nine council members have officially signed the document.