KPLU: Alaska Airlines Asks State Supreme Court To Reverse SeaTac Minimum Wage Decision

KPLU Radio, 9/10/2015:

Labor groups are criticizing Alaska Airlines for taking this legal step. The head of the union-backed group, Working Washington, said in a letter to Alaska’s CEO, Brad Tilden, that the company has a strategy of “delay for delay’s sake.”

"The stalling tactics have gone on long enough," Working Washington Executive Director Sejal Parikh wrote. "Many workers at Sea-Tac will get their paychecks Friday. They expect to see their $15.24/hour and backpay on those checks."

In a statement, Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said what the plaintiffs want is "clarification" from the court. 

"As is, we don't know how tenants and vendors can comply with the Supreme Court decision, so Filo Foods and Alaska are seeking clarification," she wrote.