"Did State Rep Matt Manweller just endorse slavery?" — 2000+ asking as Legislature convenes

Email controversy rages around State Rep. Manweller over his remarks on Civil War and minimum wage

As the State Legislature convenes today, an email controversy is raging around the House Republican Assistant Floor Leader, State Rep. Matt Manweller (R, 13th LD - Ellensburg).

After Manweller tweeted in early January that “$0 would be a perfect min wage,” a voter pointed out that $0/hour hasn't been allowed since the Civil War. This was his response:

Since that shocking comment went public just a day ago, more than 2,000 Working Washington supporters from the Ellensburg area and across the state have sent messages to Manweller asking him to explain what he possibly meant by that.

We await his answer.


Contact: Sage Wilson, Working Washington: sage@workingwa.org