from Working Washington reveals which candidates are benefitting from big-dollar investments by anti-worker groups — one of them called “Working Families”

Huge spending by anti-1433 interests a key missing piece of the story on minimum wage, workers rights, and this year’s elections.

A new analysis of political campaign spending in Washington reveals the same lobby groups and political funds that are opposing Initiative 1433 to raise the minimum wage have already invested a massive $1.8 million in State Legislative elections, much of it through “Independent Expenditure” funds with misleading names like “Community Progress”, “Good Government Leadership Council,” and even “Working Families” — which even in the world of politics is a startlingly cynical name for a group funded by minimum wage opponents. 

It’s all spelled out with faces, names, and dollar amounts at a new website from Working Washington:

As detailed on the site, anti-minimum wage groups and the political funds they back have already invested large amounts of money in more than a dozen key State Legislative races: 

The more you know about the interests funding a candidate the more you know what to expect from them. So voters across the state are asking: how high will the spending go by November 8th… and what returns might these groups be expecting on their investment?