BossFeed: Make a short story long

This week: JC Penny is still in business? Seattle pizzerias are still in business! Dunkin Donuts threatens its own business. And otters do their business…

She may have a career in online organizing though

Because of course policing women’s bodies is part of running a department store, a JC Penny manager sent an employee home for wearing shorts they said were too short. It’s the kind of thing that happens to hundreds of workers a day in the world of retail, where the customer service frontlines are disproportionately filled by women and the managerial positions by men — except for two factors that made this time special. 1) The shorts in question were purchased from the “career” section of that very JC Penny store. And 2) the worker in question is a feminist blogger. Enjoy the results.

Wonder why there hasn’t been national coverage of this one yet

A few months ago, a less-than-successful pizza chain called Z Pizza closed an outlet in Seattle, said it was because of the minimum wage, and ignited a national media storm. Business-backed right-wing groups are just that determined to “prove” the $15 minimum wage law isn’t working — even though all the evidence shows that Seattle restaurants are booming, and all the anecdotes show that numerous pizza places were hiring that very week.

This week brought two piece of news that show everything the scare patrol had to say about this is false: Seattle Met wrote about a shortage of pizza cooks in Seattle. And Capitol Hill Seattle reports that a new pizza place is set to open in the very same location — with plans in place before Z Pizza even vacates the premises. The new place even provides healthcare benefits. Who thinks local Fox news will follow up on their initial story?

“French cruller” always sounded like an insult somehow

The CEO of Dunkin’ Donuts, who previously did time at Papa John’s and Burger King, got paid $10 million last year. But what’s “absolutely outrageous” to him is the idea of a $15 minimum wage — even though his own compensation is more than 300x what a full-time $15/hour employee would see on their paycheck. He also said higher pay would reduce hiring, even though much higher pay doesn’t seem to reduce the number of jobs available to obnoxious corporate executives. 

In an era of record inequality, it all makes a compelling case — to raise the minimum wage, argues Seattle Times economic columnist Jon Talton.

If it were this snake, it wouldn’ta bit ya

A panda who is one of the star attractions bringing visitors to a Taipei zoo sought to improve her working conditions by faking pregnancy. She got a single room, air conditioning, better food, and an ultrasound, which she failed.

An Arizona man broke into an enemy’s home, called him a rat, and attempted to attack him with a rattlesnake. The snake wouldn’t bite on command so he shot a speaker box instead.

large British fish was killed by an otter, sparking demands to “do something” about the ferocious carnivorous cutie pies. The fish had been called “Big Lady” because of its size, its gender, and the low creativity of local anglers.