About that story on zPizza and Seattle’s minimum wage…

Apparently it’s news that one California-based international pizza chain  has decided they somehow can’t succeed in Seattle’s Capitol Hill — one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the fastest-growing large city in the United States.

The pro-poverty-wage right-wing bloggers will surely try to turn this into the next sign of the apocalypse… but Seattle’s sky remains aloft, and the city’s restaurant industry is booming. In just the past month, the number of food service businesses in the city has increased by 30. In the Capitol Hill neighborhood alone, at least 27 new restaurants are expected to open this year, on top of 100 new openings in that one neighborhood since 2012. 

In fact, 14 different Seattle pizza places have posted job openings on craiglist in just the past week

So, yeah, Chicken Little can rest easy: it’s obvious that Seattle businesses — including restaurants and pizza joints — are continuing to enjoy success as 100,000 new customers in the city see their paychecks rise to $15/hour over the next several years.