Secret of their success

BossFeed, the week in work: millennial millions; souvlaki strikes; anti-discrimation nation; and cat, mouse, and squirrel games.

One weird trick to help you acquire real estate

Many Millennials accrued 5-figure student loan debts, entered the job market during the worst economic crisis in generations, and continue to struggle financially. But a few are doing great: the ones who real estate tech firm Zillow calls “double lucky,” meaning their families helped them pay for their education and helped them purchase a home. Only 3% of Millennials come from families quite this well off — but this 3% of the population accounts for half the Millennial homeowners. Funny how being born rich is so often a form of “luck”… while being born poor is always a form of pathology.

Grimace and bear it

Since the austerity crisis first hit Greece several years ago, many fast food workers there are working 60 - 80 hours a week, supporting not just children but entire multi-generational families on that one job. Meanwhile, fast food bosses “sit around and get paid to drink beer and read the newspaper all day,” according to a recent interview with a Greek fast food worker.

Other parts of the story might sound familiar to fast food workers in the US, like how the boss was underreporting hours so workers didn’t get healthcare — until he got scared after seeing a fast food strike line outside a different shop, and then fixed the issue. But in Greece as in the US, the struggle continues.

Next demand: mandatory rainbow crosswalks

Washington State outlawed employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in 2006, but LGBTQ workers have actually not had this protection in shockingly many other states. In other words: it’s actually been legal in many places to discriminate against workers because of their sexual orientation.

But not after a decision by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission this week finding that existing civil rights laws barring discrimination on the basis of sex also bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. An amazing step forward for workers, though it could still be challenged in the courts.

If it were a rat wearing a human mask, he’d be behind bars for life

An all-cat band is performing several shows in Brooklyn. They are well-fed and trained only with positive reinforcement, but it’s not clear if they control their own publishing rights, or how much they get paid per play on Spotify.

drunken squirrel trashed a British bar, spent the night on the beer-stained floor, and was eventually trapped in a bathroom. He’s now banned from returning, as are dogs and other animals.

And a barefoot human wearing a “mouse/rat mask” robbed a Canadian convenience store. He discarded his disguise and has since eluded the authorities.