This look legal to you?

Pactera, a multinational tech company with offices in Redmond, WA, is advertising entry-level tech jobs...but only for people born in the US. Here’s the ad they posted on Facebook requiring applicants to be "born and brought up in the USA":


The Pactera recruiter took down that post, but the company’s job listing on isn’t really much better — it also expressed a preference for "US Native" candidates.


Someone doing the hiring at Pactera doesn't seem to have gotten that message that you can't discriminate at work.

So...whether or not you meet any of the “qualifications” listed on the posting, why not go ahead and apply for the job on Indeed at this link here… with a cover letter that explains what you think about this kind of practice.

Seems like something the company should hear about, no?

UPDATE (2/5/2018): Looks like Pactera is feeling a little ashamed they got caught posting a job for “US native” candidates only. The job listing is down... but we're still waiting for an explanation & commitment to do better.

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