NEW: Fast food CEO Puzder "may be bailing" as Labor nominee

Here’s some good news — CNN is reporting that anti-minimum wage fast food CEO Andrew Puzder "may be bailing" on his nomination to be the next Secretary of Labor, because "he is not into the pounding he is taking". 

This is the same guy who previously said that employees had more dignity when they did not get overtime pay. Who wants to replace his own workers with robots. And who preivously said that being in this Cabinet would be "the most fun you could have with your clothes on.” (Yeah, he really said that.)

Multimillionaire fast food CEOs aren’t used to getting pushback. They’re not used to being told No. 

So maybe this one needs to hear it a bit more often.

Here are 3 ways you can help keep on pounding Puzder out of this job:

1)  The more he knows these hearing are going to be tough, the better the chance that he bails.

2) Post it on Facebook and encourage your friends & family to submit questions too.

3) Join the Strikeback, our new rapid response team of supporters who are committed to be there whenever the call comes to defend and advance workers rights in the year ahead.

If we can get Puzder to back down under pressure, it will show that the tide is turning.

That workers are winning. 

That we can do this, together.