We're striking back.

Smiley thumbs-up web posts are fun and all, but it seems like this week might not be the right time for winky-face emojis. 

Inauguration Day isn’t even here yet, but already, a fast food CEO has been nominated to be the next Secretary of Labor. Congress is taking steps to eliminate healthcare benefits for millions of workers. And here in Washington, the Republican House Assistant Floor Leader is advocating for a zero dollar minimum wage. 

We can pretend it’s not happening. Or we can open our eyes and gather our strength. We can bargain with ourselves and hope maybe it will all turn out ok. Or we can strike back.

We’re striking back. 

We’re asking supporters like you to commit to be there whenever the call comes so that together, we can defend what we’ve won and continue advancing workers rights in these tough times. 

Join the strike back by signing up to be part of the Working Washington rapid response team.

Striking back means showing up. It means emails and text messages. It means flooding the phone lines, taking to the streets, and even marching on picket lines to beat back attacks on workers and our communities. When a call for action goes out, we need to be there. Together.

Can we count on you to join the strike back?

Nobody knows quite what the next 4 years will bring. But whatever happens, we need to be ready to strike back for workers rights. And we need to be ready to do it on short notice, and on a massive scale.

The inauguration is Friday. Let’s get ready. Let’s do this.