Hey Amazon: $10/hour is not a living wage

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Amazon is a leader in the tech economy. Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos has become one of the ten richest people in the world. And there’s no doubt the company’s rapid expansion has created thousands of good paying tech jobs in Washington State and across the country.

So why is Amazon advertising a position that pays just $10/hour to do customer service… in two different languages… in a state where we just voted to raise the minimum wage well higher? 

$10/hour isn’t enough to live on, anywhere in our state. That's why in Washington, we just voted overwhelmingly to move forward and raise the minimum wage. In fact, when the minimum wage increases on January 1st, it won’t even be legal in our state to pay as low as Amazon is offering.  But we need to make sure everyone plays by the rules. And that means holding Amazon accountable.

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