Your messages of support

We asked for messages last week in support of the workers taking action on the four-year anniversary of the original fast food strikes that launched the fight for $15. 

And wow, did you deliver. Check out the more than 500 thoughtful, encouraging, and inspiring messages you've sent in already:

"We are with you all" —Trevor

"Be brave, be strong, hang on!  This wage increase has to happen!" —Rebecca

"Solidarity and Appreciation from someone who has worked in F&B/Retail most of my life. Keep up the great work. As Frederick Douglass said, "Power concedes NOTHING without a struggle."" —Peach 

"We are with you. Keep us informed and we will help you get this done!" —David 

"I applaud you for your willingness to speak truth to power with action. A difficult responsibility in these trying times." —Kay 

"All workers deserve a minimum wage of $15.00. Even with working full-time that is not enough to support a family. Housing is very expensive and affordable housing is not sufficient." —Sandra 

"Thank you for standing strong. We are indebted to your determination and goodwill." —Matt 

"Keep up the good fight.  We are all worth a living wage and dignity.  I support fight for $15!" —Millie 

"Keep on trucking' and take America back!" —Pat 

"In the richest country there is no good reason for wide spread poverty." —Carol and Ivan

"Fight for the wages you've been fighting for years and make sure that companies like McDonalds don't hold your wages and destroy the futures of you and your families." —Matthew 

"Rock on!" —Erik 

"Unions in the past gave us a voice, and it worked.  We now have 40 work weeks, get paid overtime, get benefits, paid holidays, safe working conditions, and during that time living wages.   To many who don't remember what it was like before the unions and listened to those who told them they where bad and allowed them to disband them.  And look where we are now.  Every year we loose more and more.  It's time for us to stand together again and bring back our voice.  Unions weren't a 100% perfect but we can learn from our mistakes made and build stronger unions and demand that we be paid living wages, adequate benefits, and be treated with respect and not just pieces of meat that they can use up and toss out on a whim.   We need to spread this message not just here in the US, but across the world to our brothers and sisters who are being treated as we where before we found a voice.   If all workers stand up to the big corporations and business world and demand our rights for fair pay and benefits, and safe working conditions, who are they going to ship our jobs too then?  The ship the jobs overseas because they can get away with treating them like cattle.  If we all stand together there won't be able to treat anyone like this any more." —Vickie 

"You are winners.  Thank goodness for American Unions.  " —Peggy 


"I love you and what you're doing. I have voted for the minimum wage to be upgraded.  I'm happy that the state of Washington voted with me.  Good luck!" —Penelope 

"Go for it!  You deserve better pay." —Jane 

"I am with you all the way." —Betty 

"Keep up the good work. Let's keep it going." —Randy 

"We r with you in your efforts " —Robin 

"Continue to fight for working wages. All workers deserve a wage that provides the necessities for their families. " —Mary 

"Nobody who works full time should be paid less than a living wage. Nobody should be forced to work part time by an employer who wants to avoid paying a living wage. You have my full support." —Jack 

"Continued the fight" —Dion 

"You have every right to fight for what is right. These criminals taking office are the true criminals and thieves and yet they don't want to give Americans what they are entitled to for their work. Fight for your future." —Guadalupe 

"Keep up the fight!" —Maria 

"It is worth fighting for, especially for your family.I believe in what you are doing!!" —Patti 

"We all deserve Great Pay so we can take care of our family " —Robin 

"America is supposed to be our great land of opportunity but that only means something if we make it a reality. The boss is not going to give away fair wages. We must demand them and like those who came before we must fight until justice reigns over all." —Jeremy

"Keep up the good fight! My thoughts are with you. " —Heather

"We stand with you. Stay strong!" —Tom 

"For my family" —Maxxcell 

"Bravo!" —Ron 

"keep fighting for a living wage ! never give up ! for yourselves, your children and all of us who need to be able to afford to live here" —Charles 

"In Solidarity!" —Bill 

"Keep up the fight. It worth the effort. You all deserve a decent livable wage." —

"I take good care of my clients I don't want to give up my job and friendships with them just because I am not paid a decent living wage. " —Fadumo 

"As the daughter of a divorced mother who raised 7 children on her own in the 60s and 70s, making $2 an hour, I completely sympathize with the need for adequate compensation and sick pay. Good luck with your struggle!" —Mary 

"Keep up the good fight!!" —susan 

"You are correct: Keep it up!!" —David 

"Keep fighting!" —Julio

"Cost of living is too high,Wages should be according to their job situations" —Pawiter 

"You have my support.  Everyone should make a livable wage." —Anthony 

"SOLIDARITY !!!" —Lawrence 

"American workers are among the lowest paid in major industrialized nations. All workers should be able to work full time if desired and be paid a living wage to provide food, shelter, utilities and clothing for families without having to resort to subsidies and charity." —Jennene 

"You're doing this for all of us, and we will have your backs. Thank you--we need this more than ever now." —Peter 

"Individuals need desparately to earn a decent living wage. It keeps families together and children healthy." —Vicki 

"I stand in solidarity with you.  Your fight is my fight.  I was proud to be at the first Fight for Fifteen & a Union Demonstrations in NYC.  Don't give up despite the election.  " —Carol 

"Your strength as you strive for a fair wage to support your families is amazing." —Helen 

"You are not alone!" —Donald 

"Thank you, workers. You are fighting for all of us and just by doing so, you are making the U.S. a better country." —Louis 

"keep up the fight" —karen 

"Hang on tight to your dream " —Jennifer 

"Especially in communities with high costs of living, now is the time for the minimum wage to catch up with reality. Keep up the good fight!" —Jim 

"We're behind you all the way. Respect, appreciation and a living wage for all workers." —Brent 

"Standing with you I.A.M. member" —Suzanne

"Stand up and FIGHT BACK!" —Carol 

"To escape predatory cut throat capitalistic plutocracy and to reduce income inequality we need all workers to be paid a living wage and have secure safety nets.  Innovation, research and creativity need to be encouraged and that only occurs under participatory management.  Top down micromanagement and manipulation and denigration of the working middle class perpetrates economic and political strife, reduced productivity, increased income inequality and a depressed economy with low morale and disaffection.  " —Larry 

"Have at least 2-3 close loved-ones working minimum wage jobs in positions in food service industry. And the only health insurance affordable to them is Medicaid. Meaning that the rest of society is subsidizing their health care. Like Bernie said during mostof thepast campaign season--a decent wage isn't just a matter of fair and just employment practice. It makes,  in the long run, the only good "bottom-line" kinda' economic sense. " —Stephen 

"thank you for your commitment and may you quickly succeed." —Betty

"Keep up the good fight, now more than ever." —John 

"Keep fighting the good fight!" —James 

"Protect jobs & wages" —Ramon 

"I was a striker for49 days in 1976. The result was better pay , better health and dental care and retirement benefits including on-going health benefits post retirement. I am 71 and have decent health care as a result. Keep up the struggle!! Stay strong! " —Jo 

"Hang in their. In spite of anti-workers Trump, most people want to raise minimum wage and support workers' rights. It's unfortunate that so many ignorant people voted for Trump, since the Republicans care more about big business, rich Republican donors, and giving the upper crust even more advantages over the rest of us. Huge companies are making record profits of all US history, their salaries and bonuses are greater than ever before, and now Trump wants to cut taxes of the rich, destroy unions, and fire a bunch of federal employees. He promises to give more to the top and start shrinking government at the bottom. He is promoting even more government spending. If the rich pay even less, whom so you think will pay more to afford all this? Of course, you and me, who Trump calls"the little guy." He tells us he's a billionaire, but tells the IRS that he lost money. He pays someone to prove he is broke so he won't pay his share of taxes and says that shows that he's smart. I guess I'm dumb since I pay my taxes. The people will overcome, if they wise up and stop voting for those who are against us! " —Stuart 

"Keep on fighting. " —Sherri 

"support your union and if you're not in a union, work to organize one " —william 

"You stand for all of us in the country." —Linda 

"Workers needa living.wage." —Betty 

"You guys deserve a living wage NOW!" —Barbara 

"I support you,and your efforts." —Florence 

"if ceo's can receive gross raises every year while the rest of the company employees keep getting cuts after cuts, there is something wrong with the system. even $15 an hour is NOT a livable wage! don't agree? take away the ceo's wealth and let them attempt it!" —Bill 

"Iam European I support Workers of US. " —eusebio 

"Yes" —Laura 

"Workers who are willing to strike in order to earn a living wage and dignified working conditions are heroes." —Robin 

"I've got your six!" —BrendaLee

"You matter" —Ann 

"Hang in there.  God will move their hearts sooner rather than later!" —G. 

"Keep fighting for what you want and deserve " —Judy 

"Be peaceful but keep fighting for good jobs and a living wage.  Your work is important to you AND TO THE COUNTRY.  GOOD LUCK!" —John 

"Dear Sirs and/or Madam:  Hopefully most if not all of your fellow workers went out and actually voted.  However, based on the lower voter turn-out numbers for this election, I believe that didn't happen.  I am a retired member of PA LOCAL 5 in central PA with 54 years of active membership.  I know, through these many years of work, that under Democratic administrations, working men and women ALWAYS do better.  Now that we have the orange haired monster to deal with our outlook is bleak.  Please inspire your brothers and sisters to get registered to vote and go out in the mid-term elections and actually do it.  As for me, my first voting experience was in 1960 and I voted for John F. Kennedy (haven't missed an election since).  Please don't forget that most republicans support anti-labor issues.  Trump, a billionaire himself, will do all he can to make sure that he and those like him get richer.  Thank you, retired union bricklayer." —John 

"Let keep moving forward" —Lita 

"Thank you for all you do. Keep fighting for all of us!" —Kim 

"We are with you." —Donald 

"You deserve so much more!! We are with you and support you!!" —Jen 

"Keep up the good fight for fairness for all!" —Dave

"Guys   keep on keeping on. No one will give you anything that you do not fight for.  Be tough stand together WIN" —barry 

"Perseverance on your part will win your cause!  I support your fight for a living wage!" —Rosita 

"I got your back. You deserve it and more " —Cinnamon 

"All workers deserve a living wage, healthcare and family leave. It is a right NOT a privilege!" —Judith 

"Everyone should have a livable wage. Keep up the wonderful work!" —Kay 

"Stand together - in unity is strength. Have courage, you know your cause is right." —John 

"It's not a privilege to earn a living wage. It's a right deserved by all workers to be able to provide for their families. And workers shouldn't have to work three jobs to support themselves and still not have enough to live on!Then, the GOP can't complain about Medicaid, food stamps and welfare checks! Imagine how much the government would save if they would fight for the American people instead of lining their own pockets with corporate donations!" —Dianne 

"Keep on fighting!" —Cheryl 

"Keep up the struggle against greed-based capitalism, which some call predatory capitalism." —James 

"Your voice is your power, thanks for using it!" —Bridget

"Great job please continue assembling , organizing and win for all the workers. " —Ladan 

"Keep up the fight." —Frank 

"Keep on keeping on." —Dave

"UNIONIZE!!!" —Clay 

"I support your fight for good jobs and especially and living wage--good luck!!" —Celia

"Keep up the good work and you deserve more money, we all do!!!  We need a Increase in the our WAGES!!!!!" —Donna 

"You deserve to earn a living wage -  keep up the good fight!!" —Holly 

"You have my full support!" —Erik 

"You actually do need $ 20 ,but I hope everyone gets at least $15       Keep up the good work" —Ingrid

"Hang in there. I have been for 55 years working towards decent work and I am 66 with two college degrees. " —Dianne

"Stand strong!  You're on the right side of justice!!!  You're winning the war and United you all stand for the American way; divided we all fall, so stay brave knowing we all cheer for you across the country and the world!!! " —Brooklyn 

"Thank you!  What you are doing is the RIGHT thing for all of us!!!!" —Lil 

"Good luck with your fight, everybody deserves a good job that pays a living wage " —Tim 

"Every worker deserves a living wage." —Oettl 

"Fight for your right to survive in America. You deserve $15/HR minimum pay plus overtime." —Premlata 

"It's the working class that's the backbone of our society, we support you in having a living wage!" —Phyllis 

"Take heart. Don't be discouraged. You will win!" —Jo 

"Thanks for your courage and persistence!" —Sarah 

"Thank you on behalf of all of us who need better wages. Keep up the great work!!" —Rene 

"Keep up the good fight. Workers deserve a living wage." —George 

"Keep up the good work!!!" —Kristin 

"Stay strong--a lot of us support this fight." —Susan 

"Keep up the good peaceful fight for fairness!! " —lorraine 

"Don't give up! Everyone deserves a living wage. Too many hard working people in this country struggle and are faceless and forgotten." —Brian 

"You needa living wage. We all do. You are so brave." —Gloria

"Stay strong! " —Sylvia 

"Workers as well as unemployed persons must unite worldwide to fight against capitalism." —Ursula 

"Never give up." —David 

"Good job, people. You got the country going in the right direction." —wytold 

"Thank you ." —JUSTINE 


"Keep fighting for a living wage." —Janet

"Pay a living wage. " —Alex 

"I'm a former PATCO air traffic controller who was fired by Reagan. That was the first step in their plans to destroy labor over the next four decades...and labor DID NOT STAND WITH US...and we were slaughtered. Now they want to continue with the bloodbath...aka...YOU! Make absolutely no mistake about the anti-labor efforts constructed and enacted by the 1%...its a decades long elaborate and well designed plan. But they do not outnumber us. Support all labor...always!" —Robin 

"I have been forced to live in India for the last 17 years due to marijuanalaws and poor wages. Your fight encourages me that someday I may come home." —Steve 

"On the wall over my computer is a sign-- THE LABOR MOVEMENT "The folks who brought you the weekend."   Corporations want profits but they don't like to share.    A new sign should say -- THE LABOR MOVEMENT "The folks who make something for corporations to sell.  No Labor - No Profits."       I support jobs and living wages." —Ingrid 

"Hang in there!" —G. 

"I stand with you in your fight.  To cop a phrase, we ARE stronger together." —Parker 

"May you soon receive a living wage and thank you for a job well done." —Elizabeth 

"Never give up. In solidarity I'm with you " —Alfred 

"I support you" —Cheryl 

"Keep up the good fight " —Karl 

"You need a livable wage" —Peter

"Go for a living wage" —Arden 

"So often the businesses that rely on air travel fail to acknowledge the hard work and long hours of Sea-Tac workers, on the tarmac or inside the terminal. But just as businesses grow their power by joining together with other businesses, so to workers do. Heck, they invented organizing. Your struggle for fairer pay and better working conditions helps not only you, but other workers in other industries. Keep it up, and don't lose heart." —Will 

"America IS watching, keep up the good fight." —richard 

"Keep going, doing a great job." —Karl 

"It is only right that work should allow a person to support him or herself reasonably. Everyone should be able to live, eat and care for themselves on the wages they are paid. I'm with you!!" —Pat 

"Good luck, you deserve it!" —James 

"Do proud that you are standing up to represent so many hard working people. We deserve long term jobs with good benefits and a good living wage. Thanks again." —Cynthia 

"Keep up the pressure and the good work, it is time for a fair wage for all workers!" —Donald 

"All workers deserve living wages." —Esther 

"The workman deserves his/her wages.  No profit is just if people go hungry" —Kelly 

"If a citizen is willing to work 40 hours a week, they deserve a living wage. Period." —Sheri 

"Never give up and keep on fighting the good fight to attain you rights and dignity!" —William 

"This is a hard time to fight for good jobs and living wages, but my hat is off to you.  Keep the faith, support each other, be kind to yourselves, and don't give up.  Most of the country is in the same boat, and you are their spokespersons.  May the force be with you." —Sonja 

"Keep up the good fight!" —Philip 

"Keep up the fight!  Every worker deserves a fair, living wage.  The greedy CEO's are certainly making enough!" —Barbara 

"We continue to be with you in solidarity.  Have joined the group at protests a couple of times here in Milwaukee.  In solidarity.  Margaret Murphy" —Margaret 

"Keep fighting. There are so many out here who support your cause." —Ellen 

"keep it up" —karen 

"Keep the faith!" —George 

"Only way this country is going to be able to make it, is to walk out together and stand there in the cold together....we had balance WHEN we had unions!  Organize, pay those dues, walk when told and then follow Trump to have corporation be taxes at such a rate if the company moves off shore to bring to the items back to US shores.   Middle class is gone, for most people.  No pocket change left for spending on main street.   Time to stand together and enough is enough.  Take the profit out of HEALTH CARE! is a start!  Rally together.  Our kids deserve better and our seniors are shortly going to be really choosing between meds and food and heat.  " —Jeanne 

"There are many of us throughout the country who are standing up with workers who are fighting for higher wages.  Keep fighting,  don't get discouraged and give up.  Stick together to win those higher wages and better working conditions, and know we are with you!" —Deanna 

"Know that there are many of us who have your back and support you and your efforts." —Barbara 

"Keep up the good fight!" —Lisa 

"There is dignity in every job when the worker is treated with respect.  And that respect gets passed along to the customer. It's good for business to pay your employees well. " —Theresa 

"Your efforts are so important to the 99%!!!" —Diane 

"I totally support the fight for living wages and job situation and schedules that promote strong families. " —Amy 

"Stay Strong!" —MA

"We support you.  You are NOT alone." —Bill 

"You have a struggle ahead but it is the right thing to do, and I fully support you" —Karen 

"Keep Fighting" —Julie 

"It is passed time for U.S. citizens to stand up to their companies, especially large companies. The time for being quiet because of fear is over; let us all speak out, walk out, and make it known their wealth is on our backs, and we want our share of their wealth !" —Galin 

"You all are inmy prayers.  The motivation is right. Fight for what's right. " —Felicia

"Guess what, big ass greedy CEO's...fairly treated, fairly paid workers have enough money to spend on your business!  You profit!!! How about THAT!!!" —Patricia 

"Stay strong in your fight knowing there are many who have your back." —Jane 

"Be Strong and have courage in these difficult days.  Others want you to be victorious in achieving what your hard work deserves." —Marilyn 

"Keep on this track! You all deserve respect and a good wage to secure a safe and healthy place to live and work." —Mary

"I totally support you in your fight for decent wages." —Susan 

"In my opinion everyone deserves a living wage.  So I'll continue to raise my voice for this cause." —Ocean 

"work on that electoral college prob and current recounts.  d fat lady has not yet sung this season so don't give up.  pray diligently and do all within your power ethically NOW to give us the woman we elected by about a 3 million vote advantage !!!!!" —GGZ

"Just keep up the very good work!  Millions of Americans are standing behind you!" —Jo Ann

"At this point, wouldn't it be better to automate as much as possible, so that instead of making work for people, just give them the basics at no cost? Lots less need for crime if one's food, shelter and healthcare and internet are guaranteed. " —Christopher 

"Thank you for all your efforts in improving our quality of life -- not only for us, but also our future generations!" —Denise 

"Remember, no one works harder for you than you work for yourself.  Take pride in the job you do and in yourself" —Kerry 

"Keep fighting for right " —Deborah 

"Keep it up!" —Mary 


"I'm with you and totally believe in your cause. When I worked minimum wage jobs numerous times in my life and none of them paid the bills! Best wishes to all of you in this struggle!" —Anton 

"I hope the $15/Hr that Nick Hanauer fought to get in Seattle applies to you.  If not, get him on your side because he was a leader in getting higher wages in Seattle." —Ruth 

"I am with you" —Silvio

"Keep at it, don't give up. Do what you can to get free publicity. Keep the issue at the front of everybody's mind." —Susan 

"Don't give up!" —Vladimir 

"Malachi 3:5 And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the LORD of hosts." —Harold 

"We must provide a living wage in order to reduce hunger and trauma! " —Kris 

"Keep it up.  You will win, and everybody will benefit." —Shane

"Keep fighting the good fight. I'm with you and so are the majority of Americans." —Amy 

"Be encouraged and know you have a right to a living wage." —Eileen 

"A hardworking employee deserves working wage. I stand with you!" —Shabina 

"Don't ever give up!" —Katherine 

"A living wage raises the prospect of a better life for families, our economy, and America." —William 

"All workers deserve a living wage which is now in the $17-22 dollar per hour range.  If the employer can't pay a living wage and requires someone to work for less than a living wage, then, perhaps that employer should not be in business." —Charlotte 

"si se puede" —jan

"I support your fight for better wages. Keep up the amazing work!!" —Nathalie

"Keep fighting and vote democratic. The GOP thinks you are already overpaid. Look for and vote for progressive democrats, the establishment democrats are only a little better than the GOP. Keep on keeping on!" —Mary 

"Keep fighting.  It's all we can do!" —Bobbi 

"Keep up the good fight for the right for a living wage for honest work.  Sharing the wealth is the only answer for our country to be strong.  Hurting workers undermines our social fabric and hinders a functioning economy.  " —Christina

"Solidarity." —Raymond 

"Fight! Especially since the Republicans control every at the Federal level!!" —David 

"It's your RIGHT to stand and fight for good jobs and loving wages!! Don't give in!!" —Alexey 

"We are all together !" —montalbano

"I'm with you." —Esther 

"Keep Fighting!!" —Frank 

"Hang in there; fairness is worth fighting for!" —Jerry 

"Never give up the righteous fight!" —Michael 

"its worth fighting for. YOU are worthy" —Sandra 

"Living wages for living people" —don 

"Stay the course!!! Good luck to all of you" —Debi 

"Keep fighting!  We are with you!" —C 

"Keep up the fight!" —Drew

"Keep trying" —Albert 

"Hang in there! We're behind you 100%! I'm retired and living on $660 a month SS. " —Margo 

"15$an hour is still not enough to live on , but if we can at least get that ,it is a start-It amazes me that millionaire CEOs who are making millions off of "think that 8$ an hr is enough while the are making millions off of"the working poor"" —Christie 

"Honest work is the backbone of this country, and deserves to be honored with respect and fair wages!" —Josephine 

"Keep fighting for all of US!" —Randy 

"Do not waver in the face of threats or discouragement. Fight on knowing that this is a good fight against corporate America and for the well-being of workers everywhere." —Craig 

"You are fighting for what is absolutely necessary for all workers in our present conditions & cost of living.  I am with you." —Anne 

"You guys are at the forefront of something huge. Folks, as mistaken as they may be in thinking they can buy their way out of boredom and pain, may tell you that you aren't taking responsibility for yourselves by working - as tired as you may heavy as your heart gets - where it is you work. As you know, that's nonsense. You are taking responsibility for yourselves - and anyone else that works - by standing up to be counted, to be heard. Thank you for what you've done. It helps me, too. It helps everyone." —Chris 

"Keep fighting " —Mandy 

"Keep up the good work. You are following a long tradition of workers uniting and standing up for what's right." —Todd 

"I admire your perseverance and courage. Keep up the protests until fair and livable wages are won!" —Timothy 

"Stay strong." —Phyllis

"Fair pay fair work" —Frank 

"Stand together and stay strong." —Mary 

"You earn it you need to get paid." —buck 

"Every worker deserves safe working conditions, a living wage, reliable schedules, paid family and medical leave, opportunity to advance, and a respectful employer.  " —Jim

"Keep pushing for your dreams and don't give up!" —Shary 

"Fight on. Your cause is just. The wage gap is obscene, people working full time should not need to be on public assistance to make ends meet, and corporations should not be able to tell individuals what they are worth. " —James 

"Please go to your nearest Trades Union.The building industry is begging for skilled craftsmen and apprentices .Apprentices are paid more than $15 an hour plus benefits.After four years ,you will earn a journeyman's rate and be able to send your kids to college.  No one should stay at a business that can not pay a living wage. " —norm

"Never back down." —Guy 

"Hang in there! You have more support than you may realize!" —Randall

"Everyone who works full time deserves a living wage. Greed of corporate executives and business owners is the enemy of this goal. " —John 

"I stand with your fight for living wages." —Greg

"Remember that there are millions of people in the NW and all around the U.S. who are with you! You all deserve better than what you've been given." —Renny 

"Great work completed, but let's keep moving!" —Brian 

"Hang in there!" —D

"A living wage should be for all !!!" —Rosie

"Keep the. Faith,   God is in Charge" —James 

"Our labor is invaluable.  Please continue fighting to show we are the reason companies succeed or fail not the CEOs." —Barbara 

"Help peopleto help themselves. " —Kathleen 

"I'm a CVS employee in California, and after my most recent "raise" last July, I'm now earning $14.88 per hour. It's not just fast food workers that are getting screwed. Let's fight for a living wage for all of us!" —Sylvie 

"In the days to come, this fight is going to get difficult. The incoming administration is going to do everything in its power to silence you. I encourage you to never let yourselves be bullied into submission. This fight is worth it, for the heart and soul of a nation." —Brian

"Every worker in America deserves a living wage as the minimum wage!" —Meryle 

"Hang in there. Everyone who is willing to work deserves a living wage." —Sandi


"To all of you who worked as hard as you could, the best you could, thank you. You fight for those of us who, long ago, made little or nothing, but kept working for the little we could earn. I salute you!" 

"If everyone who thinks this is a good idea would let others know, It would become a fact." —Kirk 

"I stand with all U.S. workers fighting for good jobs and a living wage." —Sara 

"Keep up the fight because I have a feeling our newPresident will not be on yor side in this. Do not give up. We're on your side!" —Suzanne 

"It seems to me to be equally plain that no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country." —Franklin 

"We all deserve to be paid at least $15/hr." —Frances 

"Restoring dignity, and even nobility to labor is fundamental - for, without labor, there is no wealth, hence - no billionaires to try to crush labor." —Gene 

"You have my full support ! Do not give up" —Isnime 

"Don't give up, you are heroes " —Tracey 

"All workers should have decent working conditions and a 

"Iiving wage including health care" —Patricia 

"I am with you!!" —Lynn 

"I'm with you in your struggle for workplace justice." —Gregory 

"It's worth the fight!!" —Diana 

"You are carrying on a long tradition in thiscountry by continuing tofight for the rights and decency of working people.  Thank you and know that many are behind you!!" —Thalia 

"The fight will get harder if Trump is sworn in but this is the wrong time to stop." —Darrell 

"You are heroes. Stay brave and strong. I'm with you." —Tamar 

"Fight the good fight " —T

"Please continue to stand up and fight for a fair and decent wage. $15 is not even enough, but it's a start and would send a strong message to other companies. " —Sherrie 

"Keep up the good work. We, all of us, could be in your position. I just retired from an adjunct series of assignments at community colleges, and my wages were not much higher than yours. " —Paul 

"For you we fight for 15" —John 

"You have set a wonderful precedent. it is now up to all of us to see it through all over the country." —Lynn 

"Keep fighting for decent wages, which will improve not only your life, but the lives of other low-paid workers who need the support a larger movement can offer. " —Bryan 

"All worker deserve to have wages $15 per hour and better condition at work !" —Mehdi 

"to fight for high wages " —Frankie 

"Thank you standing your ground and thank you for your purpose and your service." —Eve 

"Keep going ¡la lucha sigue!" —Andrés 

"Thank you for being willing to go the extra mile for those of us who cannot!" —Rachel

"Your cause is just.  Keep fighting!!" —Phebe

"Keep up the great fight.  Everyone should able to support themselves and their families!!!" —Lauren 

"Keep that airplane flying until $15 is the minimum wage for all workers, nationwide." —Milton 

"Thank you so much for taking the lead on this extremely important fight! There are so many people out here who stand with you and are willing to support you in whatever ways we can." —Haydn

"Yes, you deserve a decent wage and sick leave" —Hanne 

"All workers should have a living wage, and that will increase demand." —Alan 

"Keep on keeping on!" —Keela

"It is unconscionable that workers be forced to accept such abominably low wages, wages so low that no one could possibly exist on them. What is the justification offered by our Congressmen, especially those who call themselves Christian?  I suspect Jesus would be appalled at their stance." —W 

"More power to you all." —Pamela 

"Hang in there.  Keep fighting.  It's only when we fight that we win." —Doug 

"Hang in There!  Don't give up.  We appreciate you." —Bruce 

"All workers must stick together. United we are stronger than the corporations. Thank you for doing this for all the workers in the country." —Maryellen 

"You need to make $15/hr - it's a given considering how much the banks took us for. " —Ed 

"Do the right thing for Americans " —Raymond 

"1.  Continue to make a positive case.  Let the public know that life would be less pleasant if workers like you were not around.  Most people do not realize what a difference you make in their way of life.  Give them positive examples and people will support your cause." —Burton 

"pay these people a living wage,,,, 15.00 per hour!!!" —Deborah 

"Thank you!" —JACQUELINE 

"Keep up the good work!" —Mary 

"Never give up" —Barbara

"Thank you for your courage and commitment to fight for workers!" —Joshua 

"With the uncertainty of the next four years, standing together is more important than ever!" —Jane 

"We are very proud of the effort you are making because each victory promises more victories to come.  Keep up the good work and please don't be discouraged." —Kay 

"Keep fighting #DoNotGiveUp" —John 

"Continue to fight for a living wage. I'm with you and your fight. " —Carol 

"We are with you because we are stronger when we stand together!" —h

"We thrive when we all thrive!" —Barb 

"Demand what is fair and no less" —Aaeron

"Stand up for your rights " —Sean 

"Well worth it" —Jane

"We need to do everything possible for good jobs and living wages." —Sharon 

"Keep fighting, especially in groups. Groups have more power ,witch means voices have to be heard. And will make a difference sooner or later." —Yvette 

"Please fight for all the workers who lost their jobs" —Glenda 

"You tell them!" —Irene

"Stay strong. It was unions that built the middle class. Collective bargaining should be a basic right." —JB

"$15 an hour is only $30,000 a year. After taxes and insurance,shelter,food and clothing there's little left. Every person who works for a living deserves these basics." —William 

"Thank you for leading the way to a better life for all workers." —Jennifer 

"Keep up the good work. We're with you 100%" —Ellen 

"We do indeed need to fight harder and smarter for workers to be respected and receive living wages if this is to remain a democracy and not spiral into the mess an imposed oligarchy will create." —Don 

"Don't give up your fight for liveable wages‼️" —Sherry 

"Keep up the good work and never stop fighting for what you deserve!" —Ina 



"I am proud to live in such a progressive state, that values all workers." —Barb

"Thank you for the work you do! " —Aditi

"Courage.  Keep up the fight. You are all worthy, valuable, needed." —Robert 

"Thank you for your courage and determination.  Best wishes" —Kristine

"Keep up the good work!" —Lars 

"You have to keep fighting and never give up or they will take us back to the way it was in the Depression and the only ones with anything was the Rich!!!" —Dennis

"Keep fighting for what is rightly due you and do not must get the 15.00 an hour per increase...Do not give up...God is going to make this a reality come through very soon....please do not give up keep fighting peacefully...." —Carmen

"You are the heroes who represent the workers of America who must unite to receive justice" —Ken 

"Keep up the good fight. Talk to others who aren't union people, even anti-union, which is important. Ask them...would you want the present working conditions and pay, for those whom you know and love? How about yourself? If you do, well... fine then. If not, isn't it the American way of trying to change things to make it better for yourself and others, by trying to change those things? I'd like to say and think, damn right it is!Thank you for your attention to this matter.  " —Joseph 

"Keep up the fight!" —Parker 

"I hear a lot of talk about bringing good jobs back to the US. Although this is a good goal, we also need to fight for the jobs that already here! We have become a service based economy and those of us working in the industry deserve a living wage and decent benefits!  Keep up the great work!" —Alana

"There is no excuse for the supposedly richest country in the word having such massive poverty.  the rich have gone too far.  they must carry their excessive weight!  A $15/hr. minimum wage is a beginning.  shipping more jobs off to the Pacific basin will be just like the Mexico disaster--less jobs, ballooning poverty." —Marybeth 


"A fair day's wage for a fair day's work" —Gini 

"U r setting a wonderful example of ordinary people who can do anything " —Teresa 

"We are behind you! I'm totally a union person! I support a living wage." —Gloria 

"Continue the good fight. " —Cathrine 

"Keep fighting for good jobs. Eventually it works!" —Mary 

"I want you to stand up and fight for good jobs and living wages in the new year!!" —Kara

"Keep up the good fight. I believe in You!" —Maureen 

"Please continue to fight the good fight that you are engaged in! You are fighting for self-respect for all people who labor. Work should not be a form of economic enslavement; labor must not strip a human being of dignity; and the rewards of one's labor must include the ability to maintain their health, support their families in a decent habitat, and raise their children to prosper and succeed.  We are all working to build a movement -- and I know that movement runs strong and deep in Washington -- in which all working people, and their seniors, and their children, students, unionists -- all of us -- stand up for each other and for what is morally acceptable in the richest country on earth. People of every ethnicity, of every religion and of no religion, of all sexual preferences must support each other through this struggle to achieve economic justice for each of us and for our the generations to come. " —Laura 

"Stand together." —Ray

"Nobody owes society their time and their efforts in a job that does not pay properly for these efforts. You go to a Rolls Royce dealer and offer to pay $100 for a new car you can't blame the dealer for shutting down the dealership before accepting such an offer. Strike." —Dr 

"THANKS!!!" —Jim 

"Let's make certain, the $15.00 per hour wage raise takes place.  It is a basic right for people to be able to plan for their future, and raise their families without poverty.  " —Pamela 

"Keep up your diligence in supporting all of our underpaid workers." —Sabra 

"Power to the people. I support your efforts and vote for office holders who support you through policy platform and legislation. We all need to willingly pay more for goods and services to support living wages for everyone." —LeeAnn 

"Anyone who works full time should not live in poverty." —Judith 

"The whole world is watching. Keep fighting the good fight." —Vasu 

"I started my career as a stewardess flying for Panam and retired from Delta 42 years later, a flight attendant. I was never ashamed to do honest work, as long as I got honest pay in return, but I watched that bargain get broken more and more over the last three, four decades. I am proud to see you stand up to the profit takers and fight for a decent way, a human way to live." —Inge 

"I live in Arizona, and it is a shame that the minimum wage is $8.05 an hour. I am proud to have voted to raise the minimum wage for Arizonan's to $12 an hour. I would like to see it raised to the $15 an hour. Stand up and strong and fight for good jobs and living wages in the year 2017." —Linda 

"Continue to fight for your rights.  Corporations and CEOs make billions-you deserve better" —Julie 

"Never stop fighting for a higher minimum wage, a higher living wage. " —Patricia 

"keep going!" —Tika 

"You are doing the right thing" —Erline 

"Fight for every worker to have this wage as a floor and to have union representation!" —Michael 

"More power to you all!" —Joe 

"You are absolutely doing the right thing &  will be very much appreciated!" —Ronica 

"stand strong" —James 

"Don't give up or give in to the corrupted and greedy rich humans whom are the owner of those corps.  We have the right to good jobs and living wages, now and for years to come.  We, the working People, have the right and the duty to fight for what's fair." —r 

"wish you all the best, good luck, you deserve higher wages! There is no shame in asking and standing up for yourselves! " —

"Keep up the good fight! We are only as strong as our weakest links! It's why if one person accepts less than what's right - it makes it more likely The NEXT person will have to accept less too! It's a domino effect as we compete with ourselves- when theydouble the workload & don't double the pay & we push ourselves to meet the demand & succeed in doing two people's job (for the price of one)-- that temporary success is actually a failure... as they now see we CANand WILL do two people jobs at the same time- but it is unsustainable!! & then we end up writing our own layoff slip.... as there is always someone younger, faster, stronger who will work for less-- but replacing the WHOLE WORKFORCE AT ONCE? That will be the end of your employer-- but you have to stick together!     We can't let them continue to place unrealistic & exhausting physical/ mental productivity levels that no one can keep up with long term & ensuring we will end up injuring ourselves & getting sick.... it's not right! Just the cost of living increases alone are huge and if they don't accommodate it-- then we get the situation we have across the us today-- minimum wage SHOULD be at around $27/ hour & ONLY for part time/ high school hobby jobs-- MINIMUM WAGE is NOT supposed to be for airport workers! You work so hard & have to deal with so much.       BUT, if you STICK TOGETHER & recognize there are STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! That accepting less (out of humility/ good work ethic & even financial desperation)-- it WILL backfire and end up selling out your selves, your coworkers that you love and respect so very much- but I don't need to tell you this- you already know & your situation wasn't caused by you but years and years in the making of employers squeezing another drop & another---  But YOU CAN BREAK THE CYCLE of ABUSE!    It's why YOUR FIGHT IS SO DESPERATELY IMPORTANT! REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE VALUABLE! And if you stick together- that your UNITY IS your leverage! As is your timing- so keep it up! Don't give up! & this will ensure that you WILL be valued by your employer as you should    KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU CAN BE DOING TO ENSURE THAT AMERICANS HAVE A BRIGHTER FUTURE!    It is MODERN DAY HEROISM AND WE ARE SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL FOR YOU! -- PROUD OF YOU!    Don't ever forget your worth! YOU DESERVE THIS & sooo much more!" —Anja

"Thank you for standing up for what is right. I do little "shopping" anywhere because I always need to know, before I buy, if the company is paying a "living wage". Anything less than a "living wage" is unacceptable. I can do without." —Amber 

"The cost of living is soaring" —Sheila 

"Greetings from New York City! You don't have to be quiet and accept an unfair wage. Together, we can win. And you inspire all of us. Thank you for fighting! I'm with you. " —Nabil 

"As a retired union professor, I am with you! As NH legislator,  I sponsored bills to increase min wage, using data which demonstrated the lack of truth of the myth of loss of jobs and only"2nd" income earners were paid min wage. Good luck and fight! !" —Chuck 

"Thank you for having the courage to take a stand." —Fiona 

"Don't believe anybody who says your cause is unnecessary or hopeless." —Phillip 

"We must stand up to corporate greed and continue to fight together for better pay. We must engage our communities, teach our children and not hold back. Please don't give up!!!!!!!!!" —Brittny 

"Working people are organized as the ruling class. Banks, Railways, communications, shipping, large agribusiness and industrial corporations, the military, will all belong to the people, who will decide policy by means ofmeeting halls, Internet, press, radio and TV. The work week is reduced, with annual paid vacations, free hotels and spas, free medical care, free educationincluding university, culture by and for the people, equality for women in economic, cultural and political life, child care centers. Unemployment is done away with, trade unions assure that workers cannot be fired, the State pays pensions and disability compensation, there is a distribution of housing so that homelessness is done away with, rent is less than 5% of income, all debts are canceled. War propaganda will be outlawed, as will war itself. Poverty will be ended with the recovery of the vast resources now wasted in war production, corporate profits and the extravagant lifestyles of the filthy rich. Production increases, science and technology are advanced, and the environment is protected. With capitalism gone, crime will begin to disappear. It is the profit system that corrupts and breeds crime." —Antonio 

"Keep on fighting! You are an inspiration to all of us.  Much love from Minneapolis." —Lucy 

"Keep on keeping on....thank you" —Linda 

"GO! We need people to be able to make a living wage and raising the minimun wage to $15 is what is needed." —Meghan

"We support your efforts" —Elizabeth

"Keep on believing! Keep on showing up!" —Oebm 

"Please continue to fight for what you believe you deserve." —melvin 

"Keep fighting for a living wage!" —Diana

"Please continue your fight." —Beatrice 

"Working Women & Men Deserve a Living Wage & Safe Workplace Conditions." —David 

"Keep fighting! It will happen!" —Julia 

"Whatever the press may say against this, don't give in, follow success!" —Casey 

"I am proud of all of you who are fighting for better wages.  You deserve to be able to take care of your families.  Best of luck!" —sandi 

"Sic 'em! Solidarity forever." —ken


"keep up the good fight.  don't give up" —dc

"I support you." —Tracy 

"The mass of Americans totally support you" —Harriet 

"Stand proud and strong!" —lynda

"A good job with a living wage is all these people are asking for - " —Thomas 

"You're fighting the good fight, and on the right side of both history and justice. Proud to see you all out there!" —Kamau 

"Never give up the fight. you all deserve decent pay, everyone does! " —Dina 

"Although I am long retired and can no longer march and picket with you, I strongly support your right to a real "living wage" that will support your families not just "keep them alive."" —Martha 

"This is how we build a just, fair society.  KEEP IT UP, I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" —richard 

"We support the work You do! Thank you" —Kathy

"A living wage is good for Civilization" —Bruce 

"Keep up the great work " —Laura 

"You are within your rights; continue your fight." —Odessa 

"Good for you!  You deserve to be paid fairly for your efforts.  I regularly sign petitions in behalf of decent wages.  I will keep doing so until we all win." —M. 

"Keep going! Don't back down for ANYTHING! " —Denise 

"Keep up your activities." —andy


"Stay strong, be comited - fight for your rights !" —Anders 

"Thank you for all you do to stand up to the injustice inherent in our capalistic, neoliberal government that uses its people to make the richest members of our society richer.  Sticking together and unionizing is how we see change.  Thank you for fighting for what is right for working people. " —Kara 

"Thank you. Your efforts continue to fight for worker's rights'. Corporations have become so powerful that they are buying Congress everyday to support their greedy and selfish agenda. They are crushing the middle class. We must stand together for the good of all.  We will all benefit. We must strengthen the middle class. We must have a living wage." —

"Thank you! For your courage and determination." —Mary

"We have your back covered." —P. 

"Keep up the fight - the struggle is real - we have your back " —Nancy 

"Hang in there!  You deserve a good living wage.  Keep up the fight!" —Jeanne 

"Thank you for all of your hard work - at all hours of the day and night - supporting travelers from here and abroad!" —Eric 

"Keep on fighting! Workers DESERVE a living wage!!!" —tammy 

"Never give up a fight for what you believe in. It is imperative that the fight continues until no person in these United States earns less than $15.00 dollars per hour.  I and many others stand strong with you!!!" —Ellen 

"Thanks for not giving up. Thanks for taking a stand for your livelihood. " —Patricia 

"We all need a living wage not a starvation one!" —Veronica 

"Keep up the good fight for financial justice! The America people need you!" —Mary 

"Keep on keeping on.  Don't give up." —Audrey 

"Workers rights are important. Employers already have too much power. It is about democratic rights." —Magnus 

"Vote" —barney

"Keep fighting for $15!" —Barry

"Working class people have been left so far behind in the U.S. that we are surviving on 1980's wages in 2016 cost of living.  Meanwhile, CEO's and the wealthy have seen their incomes increase grotesquely!" —Ronald 

"I believe in you. Thanks for all you do " —Barbara, 

"Thank you for standing up the rights of all people who have to work multiple jobs to afford a roof over their head and food for their stomachs. These people and their children appreciate it more than you'll ever know. Because if these parents don't have to work multiple jobs to afford basic necessities for their families, then that'll mean they will have more time to spend with their family/children." —Andrew 

"Hang in there and keep fighting!! Everyone deserves to get a livable wage. Even more so with the folks in food service, it's a hard, thankless job but I want you to know people in Los Angeles support you! " —Carrie 

"keep it up.good luck" —hameed 

"Wh a wonderful movement" —art 

"Thank you for your commitment to living wage justice." —Gordon 

"I, too, make less than $15 an hour, and I support your efforts to make a difference in many, many lives. Hang in there!" —Leslie 

"Keep it up." —Margaret 

"Full-time workers should earn a wage that allows them to support their families with dignity.  A national minimum wage of $15 is, if anything, too low.  Continue the fight for a national living wage." —Sherry 

"Thanks for your struggle for living-wage jobs. Although I'm employed in a relatively well-paying job myself, I know that it wouldn't take much for me to wind up unemployed and desperate. Your struggle isn't just for low-wage workers—it's for every person who has to make a living in this crazy, exploitative social system. We're all in this together! So thank you again, and keep up the struggle!" —Hank 

"Thank you so much for doing this! It truly helps absolutely everyone and is inspirational! <3" —Martha 

"You will succeed" —John 

"keep fighting" —Bob 

"Good luck in all your efforts -- YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!" —Thomas 

"I support all you are doing and that you are committed to organizing for a better future for yourselves and the ones who follow." —Sandra 

"Keep on fighting, you deserve it! We all deserve it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!" —Michael

"Everybody who works for a living must be paid a wage that allows them to live like a human being they must be able to feed, clothe and provide a roof over their heads and over the heads of their family." —Arnie 

"FIght for living wages!  Thanks for standing up!" —C. 

"Solidarity" —archangelus

"Hang in there--everyone deserves a living wage." —Martha 

"Keep up the good work!" —Lynne 

"God bless you!  I am with you." —Frances 

"Just do it!  Yes, critical issue." —Jan 

"I agree that you need a living wage." —Mary 

"Raise the minimum wage. These workers need it for their families. They deserve it for all they do." —Paul 

"We need to make enough money to be able to support our families." —Joe 

"Keep up the fight." —Karen 

"I just retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 27 years.  I've also elected to get more active in political activism in our union and may even run for union office!  We postal workers need others to fight for them too; just as you need others to fight for you!!  When I fight for them, I'm representing you and all other workers fighting for better working conditions and wages!  Just don't give up!!!!! <8^D" —Noel 

"Keep fighting the good fight.  I'll be supporting you all the way." —Steven 

"Fight a good fight & stick together.  Best wishes for your success." —Sandy 

"You are doing the right thing for our American society....Keep it up!" —Daryl

"stick together, ignore the detractors, and focus." —Wallace

"As one of your neighbors in Seattle, it's always been an honor to be able to support your efforts to be paid fairly for the work you do. I look forward to being able to fight with you again in 2017, in Seattle and coast to coast, border to border. The way I see it is that if you aren't treated fairly I'm not treated fairly either. All the best to you now and in the new year. " —Sigrid

"Keep fighting and don't lose your sense of outrage " —Stephanie 

"Keep fighting! Together we will all get the wages we deserve!" —Amanda 

"Good job! Stay focused and united!" —Erin 

"Keep fighting for what is right for all workers!" —Barbara 

"We blue-collar workers stand with you.  Stand united, stand strong - we can win this fight.  With a Trump presidency we must continue the fight.  NEVER GIVE UP!!" —Rhea 

"All my strength to fight for better jobs !!" —X. 

"Though I may not be there in person, I'm with you in spirit." —Michael

"I support this movement because more money on the hand worker, reactivate the economy in generaland the benefit is for employers and workers." —Nazario 

"Keep it up, needed more than ever with all the Republicans controlling Washington   " —Angie

"we are with you." —anne 

"Your cause is right and just and everyone knows it!" —Claire

"We need living wages everywhere. Raise the minimum wage" —Susan 

"It is a battle that each generation has had to take up.  Without people standing up for your rights, slave labor would still be how work gets done." —virginia 

"Perseverence" —David 

"Keep up the good work!" —Carrie 

"We have your back, even if the new POTUS doesn't." —Gene 

"Stay strong and know you're supported in your fight for a living wage. The age of slavery should be over.  Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year." —sha

"Keep fighting until you win." —Ali, 

"Don't give up!  It can get really hard and look hopeless, but this movement has come further than ever before.  We're with you!" —Noel 

"Keep fighting.  You deserve to earn wages that can adequately support your families." —Philip 

"I can relate ! I am fortunate that I have Union membership" —Mark

"I am finally working again after seven years of looking.  I could only find part time work.  But thanks to that work being in SeaTac at a living wage I can afford to rent my own apartment and finally support myself.  Thank you for making my life possible again!" —William 

"Hang in there!  You've made huge progress, so keep fighting for what's right." —Lou 

"I, Kathy Smith, hereby declare my ongoing support for your cause. May I continue to stand behind and beside you always." —Kathy 

"Leave the manufacturers companies here in the USA and prevent them from moving overseas as for the wages they need to go up to $15 hour" —Diane 

"Stay the course!" —Stan 

"We need all states to have $15 minimum wage (as a start)." —Deborah 

"Keep it up." —Isabel 

"Keep fighting.  You will win and society will benefit." —Dena 

"If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation it would be over $20 today.  The reason Trump won the election and Sanders nearly won the Democratic primary race was that we have ignored the legitimate needs of the middle and lower middle classes for 3 or more decades.  No democracy survives in the absence of a vibrant middle class and ours has dipped below the 50% level.  Any real statesperson would see to it that his/her constituents were fairly treated and this is the most necessary first step." —Cliff 

"Keep fighting, con't back down" —heddy 

"Keep fighting for a just,living wage" —Carol 

"Always move forward." —Robert 

"Workers need living wages, and job security.  Keeping workers in dire poverty is anti-productive and inhumane." —Pam 

"Keep fighting " —Julie 

"those who hold the reins in this nation expect to live a life of financial luxury while squeezing those who do the dirty and difficult jobs in our society to beg for peanuts.  This allows those at the top of the structure to receive wages that are indecently excessive." —

"Keep on fighting!" —Mary 

"Keep it up - for ALL OF US!" —Elaine 

"I support your position and encourage you to continue efforts to demand a raise in minimum wages!" —Carol 

"Keep up the fight." —Steven 

"Thank you!" —Tess

"Keep up the fight! We support you! " —Mika 

"Good luck and keep up the fight for justice " —Mark 

"I had a minimum wage job in high school, for spending money.  It is outrageous that any adult, let alone anyone with a family, would have to work for this.  Keep fighting.  We are behind you." —Carol 

"Keep fighting.  You deserve a living wage for doing a necessary job!" —Sybil 

"My Wife and I back your Demands, and wish you the Best in the fight to preserve the Workers dignity." —David