"And you're wondering, 'Why are they sitting'"

If you’re at work today you’ll probably take a break. (You might even sit down for a second.) It’s been a basic right for workers since the 1930s. So why does fast food CEO Andy Puzder think it's so funny? And how come he's been nominated to be the next Secretary of Labor?

Puzder opposes raising the minimum wage. His chain has been investigated for violating wage theft laws. He wants to replace his own employees with robots. And based on what he said in a recent interview, he seems to have trouble understanding the basic concept of getting a break at work:

Just two weeks from now, the Senate is set to hold hearings on Puzder’s nomination to run the Department of Labor. Washington’s Senator Patty Murray will be there to ask him questions — face to face, while he’s under oath and before the public. 

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