Tell us what you want. (What you really, really want.)

Help us build a workers agenda for the year ahead: take our What Workers Want survey and let us know what you think should be our top priorities for next year.


We want to get over 1,000 surveys from folks all over Washington state that let us know one simple but important thing: What Workers Want in 2017 (so we know the issues to get out there and continue to kick @ss for).

  • We’re going digital with this, so everyone from Seattle to Vancouver to Spokane or Yakima can have a voice.
  • We’re going big, by asking you to distribute this to your coworkers, friends, family members, and anyone else who cares about our issues.
  • We’re going forward, by making next year about building a stronger movement based on what YOU want, rather than feeling defeated by the direction of national politics.

So give us your full, honest opinion and be a part of something that we don’t see too much these days—a movement led from start to finish by the very people it affects—you!