Tell your State Senator to raise the wage

The Washington State House has just voted to raise the minimum wage and set a minimum standard for paid sick & safe time. They did it because workers raised their voices. Now it goes to the State Senate, and we need to keep it up.

Make sure your State Senator hears what it's like trying to live on poverty wages. Tell them to support raising the minimum wage and creating minimum standards for paid sick & safe time.

Workers like Sam Stubbins went to Olympia and testified to House committees about what it is really like trying to make ends meet on poverty wages.

"I've mopped floors, and tended bar," he said. "But I still can't drive my car. I still can't go to the doctor's when I'm sick because I can't afford to miss the shift or pay the copay."

Nathan Ward, who works at an Aberdeen Taco Bell, also testified before a House committee.

“It’s such right now that I can’t afford to miss one shift for whatever reason,” he said. “I wouldn’t be able to afford my rent. You know, I’d get kicked out in the street.”

Liz Atkinson-Pattison is a full time student and server at Olive Garden in Olympia. She spoke to the House committee as well.

“For me a higher minimum wage means I could pay for all my own bills,” she said. “Being able to pay off a car accident I was involved in last year and maybe even being able to save money for the future.”

People from across the state, from Bellevue to Richland and Seattle to Granite Falls, shared their stories. A majority of the State House got the message. Now it's the State Senate's turn.

Contact your State Senator.  We’ve made it easy. Just fill out the form. You can even add your own story.

They need to listen and they need to do something about it.