Workers demand $15

Fast food workers in 150 cities across the globe are striking poverty on May 15th. It’s never been done before on such a scale and Seattle fast food workers are standing with them. We are striking back against giant global corporations like McDonald’s who rake in billions in profits and pay their workers poverty wages. It’s not right and ever since the first fast food workers went out on strike a year ago we’ve been pushing back.

Come join us as workers demand their employers pay them $15 at 4 PM on Thursday, May 15, at Westlake Park.

Because of the continued public pressure from low wage workers in the community, the Seattle City Council is about to take a vote on increasing the minimum wage to $15. By keeping up the pressure we are making sure that everyone will be paid enough to meet their basic needs, plan for the future and contribute to the economy.

Come join us at Westlake Park on Thursday and show your support for a strong $15 for Seattle.

This is going to be huge. Workers from all over the globe will be striking and protesting for better pay. We were one of the first cities to get this started and we will lead the way again this Thursday.