Tuesday, May 13th, Show the Seattle City Council You Support $15!

The Seattle City Council is having one of their last public hearings before they vote on whether to accept the mayor's proposal to get everyone to $15 an hour. The meeting is open to the public, starts at 6pm, and will be one of the last opportunities we have to tell the city council we support $15 for Seattle. We need to fill the room.

Last year, fast food, grocery and other workers from across the city paved the way in demanding a living wage for Seattle workers. We are now on the verge of achieving a $15 minimum wage that ensures every worker in Seattle can support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy.

Let's show the wide array of support for a strong $15 for Seattle this Tuesday, May 13th, at Rainier Beach High School.

Seattle City Council Committee on Minimum Wage and Income Inequality

May 13, 2014 6 PM

Rainier Beach High School

8815 Seward Park Ave South

Seattle, WA 98188