Just 5 minutes to help create good jobs?

Working Washington is conducting a jobs survey in the South Sound region to learn more about the challenges area residents are facing and what types of good jobs people need in their communities.

We know that communities around the Puget Sound are struggling.

There is high unemployment, the jobs that exist are too often low-wage jobs with no benefits, and people are struggling to find work that fits their skills and experience.  We also know that most economic reports don’t get at the emotional toll families must endure as jobs become increasingly scarce.

Meanwhile, mega-banks like Chase make millions of dollars each year by charging its customers tricky fees – money that stays in Chase’s pocket rather than making its way to communities that are still recovering from the Great Recession.

The economy won’t recover until the middle class is able to find meaningful work, which won’t happen until corporations like Chase use their billions to invest in the communities that helped make them successful.

In order to make community reinvestment a priority, we need to hear from community members about the employment and economic situation that families are facing.

Please help us by taking 5 minutes to complete the survey below.