How Chase Continues to Profit from the WAMU Collapse while Washingtonians continue to suffer

Washington workers struggle with unemployment, hours and benefits reductions and foreclosures while big banks and corporations reap the benefits of bailouts and corporate tax loopholes.  Washington workers bailed out big banks, like Chase, and it’s time for Chase to re-pay its debt to the community. Why Chase?

What Should Chase do?

Invest our money to create good jobs in Washington State!  If Chase invested the $1.4 billion it stands to receive from the Washington Mutual bankruptcy case in job creation, it could create an estimated 20,000 good jobs in Washington State.  Underserved communities in Washington lack access to basic necessities like healthy grocery stores, affordable housing and community health clinics.  Investing in the businesses that will provide these much-needed services helps the community and creates jobs that this community needs to get back on its feet.   Investing in our communities is investing in the health of Washington State.

How can we Fight Back?

Banding together, residents from King and Pierce counties are demanding that Chase invest in our communities.  Our numbers are growing and we need you to stand up with us.  You can get involved in a variety of ways:  from attending a meeting to sign-making –click here to learn how you can make a difference.  In the last month, Working Washington has come together to take action on Chase bank – here are a few examples:

  • Chase bank attempted to persuade Governor Gregoire to veto SB 5921, which, in part, requires that Chase disclose the $.85 ATM fee Chase charges TANF recipients on each ATM receipt.  Members of Working Washington called and emailed Governor Gregoire to urge her to sign SB 5921 and we succeeded – click here to learn more about this victory!