Standing Together for Better Jobs

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If workers have learned anything from the years of struggle to obtain justice for their communities, its that when one voice demanding justice doesn’t doesn’t do the job, bring more to the task.

Yasmin Aden, Abdulazziz Hirsi, and workers just like them are tired of hearing the stories of fat cat Wall Street bankers who make millions playing the stock market while families here are getting their hours cut, or losing their jobs altogether.

We must stand up and make our voices heard. Only by organizing together can we address the vital needs of our community and make real change in the form of good jobs and security for our families.

Somali neighbors across South King County are joining together and taking the first steps by coming to a meeting on Saturday the 11th at 5pm at the Somali Community Services Coalition.

Only by uniting our voices for change can we fight for a fair economy.

What: Standing Together for Better Jobs for Our Community

When: Saturday, June 11 at 5pm

Where: Somali Community Service Coalition

15027 Military Rd S. Upper Terrace, Suite 3

Seatac, WA 98188

Families and children welcome.