Stand up to Chase lobbyists: Contact Governor Gregoire Now

While the March on Chase may be over, the work continues to push Chase to create good, meaningful jobs for people in Washington. You've heard how Chase is now expecting a 1.4 billion dollar federal tax windfall as a consequence of their purchase of WaMu, but did you know that Chase is also making money by charging TANF aid recipients a 85 cent ATM fee that does not appear on their receipt? That's money adds up quickly and adversely affects people who are already having a hard time making ends meet.

Gina Owens, an activist with Working Washington, wrote an email recently to supporters telling them that it's time to take action against Chase's unfair practices against TANF aid recipients, urging them to get involved and encourage the Governor to sign a bill into law that would force Chase to disclose these fees on ATM receipts.

My name is Gina Owens and I’ve been raising three kids on TANF since 2007.

Every time I use my state-issued Quest card to access my TANF benefits, Chase charges me an 85 cent fee, which doesn’t show up on the ATM receipt.

The Washington State Legislature recently passed new legislation that would end this dishonest practice and make sure that Chase discloses these fees at the time of transaction.

Instead of doing the right thing, Chase is using lobbyists to try to get Governor Gregoire to veto the new requirement so they can continue to charge these fees without clients like me knowing.

With thousands of people using their card 2 or 3 times a month, these hidden fees add up. This year Chase will make over $1 million from these fees, taking money out of the pockets of some of the poorest people in the State.

State programs are meant to help out people in need, not pad big banks bottom line.

Stand with me and demand Chase own up to its greedy practices.

Email Governor Gregoire now and tell her to stand strong against big bank bullies and ensure that Chase has to tell us everytime they want to charge us fees.

You can also call her office at 360-902-4111.

Thank You,

Gina Owens, Working Washington