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More and more corporations seem to expect workers to be available 24/7 — even for part-time jobs.

We can't live our lives on a few days' notice, and we can't take care of ourselves and our families when we're dealing with unpredictable, unreliable schedules at work. We need the flexibility and predictability to live our lives and contribute to our communities.

That's why coffee, food, and retail workers with Working Washington won secure scheduling in Seattle. Since the law went into effect in July 2017, workers have been speaking out about the benefits of secure scheduling — and studies are even showing that improved scheduling is good for business too.


And all across the state, workers are speaking out about what unbalanced work schedules mean for their lives.

Some workers’ schedules change so often they aren't able to go to school or plan time with their families. Some workers are scheduled for too few hours to make rent, or so many hours they don't have time for anything else. Some are regularly required to work "clopening" shifts — closing late at night and opening early the next morning without enough time to rest between shifts.

Our schedules aren’t just a matter of the shifts we mark down on our calendar.

They can make a huge difference in our finances, our health, our education, our time with our families, and our lives. We’re not just workers — we’re humans too, and we have lives outside of work. Our time counts too. But our employers aren’t acting like it.

So how do we change that?

We need to expand secure scheduling across the state, because workers in Tukwila, Spokane, and Bellingham need predictability and flexibility just as much as workers in Seattle do.

That’s not going to happen unless we make our voices heard.

Check out these stories from workers like Roy and Jenny who are speaking out about the issues they’re seeing with scheduling on the job.

Then, take a moment to tell us about your schedule so you can be part of the movement for better schedules across the state, and the country!