We're speaking out about our work schedules... and the State Legislature is paying attention

Last Thursday morning, workers with Working WA headed down to Olympia to speak directly to legislators about what's wrong with scheduling in food & retail and how it needs to change!

Lindsey, Roy, April, and Misty joined us to speak in front of members of the WA House Labor & Workplace Standards Committee, who are currently considering what statewide secure scheduling legislation could look like.

Here's two of the most important things that legislators heard:

  1. "We get our schedule four days in advance, on Thursday night for the Monday following. Childcare is a huge issue. I have to scramble on Thursday night to make sure my children are taken care of." — Misty Brown, an Olive Garden worker in Olympia

  2.  "I feel like a human being, instead of a robot in a Chipotle uniform." — Lindsey Moore, a Chipotle worker, on the biggest change they've seen since Seattle's secure scheduling law started up

Testifying directly to legislators at a work session was a great first step in expanding that law so workers all across Washington are covered. So let's keep the ball rolling!

Start by signing our petition to tell the WA Legislature that we're humans too and we need predictable, flexible schedules that work for all of us. Once you've signed, we'll be in touch with more opportunities to make your voice heard!

P.S. Want to check out the workers sharing their stories in Olympia? Click here or check it out below — the good stuff's at the 25:00 mark!