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As workers, we all need schedules that are flexible and predictable enough for us to live our lives. That could mean the freedom to go to school or spend time with our families. It could mean the stability of getting enough hours to pay the rent. It could mean being able to plan ahead so we can make time for the things that matter to us outside of work — whether it's volunteering, making art, or just celebrating special occasions like a birthday or an anniversary.

And if you're going to plan some time to celebrate an anniversary, today isn't a bad day to do it, because it's a big oneA year ago today, Seattle's secure scheduling law went into effect — and tens of thousands of food, coffee, and retail workers started seeing some major changes in their schedules at work and their lives.


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So celebrate with us by reading what the workers who won secure scheduling have to say about what the last year has been like for them…

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Let us know if you're a worker who has seen improvements in scheduling at work since last July — or if there are changes you want to see.

It's clear that when workers come together and fight for change, we can do big things. What can we do by this time next year?

Happy anniversary!