The Nation this week

And not just The Nation. Also Slate. And also Politico.

In the past week, Working Washington’s groundbreaking campaigns have been featured in all three of these national publications.

On Monday, The Nation featured nanny & Working Washington leader Ty Messiah in an article on local initiatives to turn the tide against the Trump administration.

Last Thursday, Slate wrote about our work with the Seattle Domestic Workers Alliance to advance a breakthrough model of worker power — one where workers, employers, and community representatives come together to set industry standards. 

That same day, Politico published a long piece reviewing all of theadvances on workers rights that workers in Washington state have won the past several years — including a couple shout-outs to Working Washington’s central role.

There’s not a lot of good news out there lately. And a few national stories recognizing what we've accomplished hardly measures up to the magnitude of the other headlines these days.

Still, it’s good to see our work getting noticed. It’s heartening to see that Working Washington’s breakthrough campaigns to build worker power and dramatically improve wages and working conditions are worthy of attention. And that what we accomplish here in Washington may even be a spark of inspiration for other communities across thec ountry.

The nation sees us. (The Nation too.) Now we need to keep it up.

That's why we're asking you to make a contribution today to keep us moving forward.(And if you’re already a contributing member of Working Washington, thank you!)

Because the only way any of this happens is because supporters like you step up to power our work.