Seattle workers are leading the fight for secure scheduling — and their voices will take center stage at our Secure Scheduling Story Slam on Thursday, June 16th, presented by Working Washington and Seattlish. 

Secure Scheduling Story Slam

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Impact Hub • 220 Second Ave S, Seattle
Doors at 5:15pm
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Join Working Washington and Seattlish for stories by:

  • David Schmader, former convenience-store worker, essayist & performance artist
  • Ebo Barton, slam poet and social justice leader
  • Ally Beckwith, hiphop performer & barista
  • Paul Constant, former retail worker, book reviewer, and political writer
  • Holly West, artist & retail worker
  • and more...

Along with special guests…

  • Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilmember
  • Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Councilmember

And it's all hosted by Hanna Brooks Olsen of Seattlish and Mallory Hagel of Working Washignton.

Take an episode of The Moth mashed up with a City Council hearing and add a dash of a traveling carnival and you get this unique event, which will mix storytelling, audience participation, a Magic 8 Ball, and some Believe-It-Or-Not facts about our changing economy. It’s all about highlighting true stories from the daily lives of working people who are struggling with unpredictable, unstable schedules that simply don’t offer the flexibility you need to care for your family, contribute to your community, or live a balanced life.

Our one-night-only Secure Scheduling Story Slam will include:

  • Spoken word performance by workers about their schedules, their jobs, and their lives.
  • Interactive games and other activities that will Actually Be Fun For Real.
  • Story sharing by elected officials and community leaders about why secure scheduling is the next big thing after the fight for $15.

And of course we've given you well over two weeks notice of this event. Because your time counts, too.

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