Owner of Poppy says $15 without a tip credit would “jeopardize” his business… now opens second restaurant


Jerry Traunfeld is an acclaimed chef, and the owner of Poppy on Capitol Hill. He said a $15 minimum wage would not be possible without a tip credit.

What they said

  • 12/8/2013: "If minimum wage jumps to $15 an hour without a tip credit it would force me to raise my prices and/or cut back on staff, and it would certainly jeopardize the health of my business."

What happened

Seattle’s $15 law does not include a tip credit — at the end of the phase-in, all workers will reach a uniform citywide minimum wage, without any deductions for tips, health insurance, or anything else.

In May 2015, Traunfeld announced he was set to open a second restaurant, Lionhead.

The health of his business looks strong.