Owner of Pagliacci threatens to eliminate tips and move jobs to Renton… now expanding in Seattle and hiring aggressively

Matt Galvin, the owner of Pagliacci Pizza, did not take a strong position on the city’s minimum wage law. He did make a couple notable comments, however, which are often cited in attacks on our minimum wage law.

What they said

  • 4/9/2014: "We would talk about removing the tip line from our receipts," said co-owner Matt Galvin. Galvin said Pagliacci might raise prices 10 to 15 percent, add a $2 or $3 delivery fee in the city and move its call center out of Seattle.
  • 8/8/2014: “We’re going to have to think about other things…. Would you rather build a new bakery in the city of Seattle, or do you want to build a bakery where there’s no city involvement? Do you want to take a couple hundred jobs and keep them in the city of Seattle, which is really business unfriendly, or do you want to go to Burien or Renton, where they’re like, ‘Please come?’”
Pagliacci is expanding and hiring in West Seattle. 

Pagliacci is expanding and hiring in West Seattle. 

What happened

Pagliacci’s call center remains in Seattle, where they’re currently paying $11/hour. Tips have not been eliminated. The chain is expanding at least one location, and hiring aggressively.