Owner of Lam’s Seafood Market says $15 “would literally be devastating” and might make them pick up and move to Texas… now building 60% parking lot expansion (in seattle)

In Seattle, not Texas.

In Seattle, not Texas.

Lam’s Seafood Market is a bustling shop in Chinatown/International District. Owner Yen Lam-Steward helped organize a business coalition that opposed the wage increase and then contributed to the effort to repeal the law by referendum.

What they said

  • 11/12/2013: "Yen Lam-Steward owns Lam’s Seafood Market, an Asian grocery store that her immigrant parents opened 22 years ago in the Chinatown International District. If the city of Seattle imposed a $15 minimum wage, “this would literally be devastating,” she said. “I would consider closing or even moving to another city or even another state, like Texas where they are more business friendly. If Seattle really wants to be anti-business and drive all the businesses out, go ahead and pass this law.”
  • 4/25/2014: Lam co-authored a statement threatening that "the people you see packing produce at Lam’s Seafood in Little Saigon would be replaced by automation" and "we would halt plans to expand our businesses in Seattle"

What happened

Lam’s Seafood has been ranked as one of Forbes’s fastest-growing “inner city businesses” in the country, reporting $12.6 million revenue at 15% annual growth back in 2011.

And business continues to grow: in March 2015, Lam’s filed plans for a 60% increase in parking spaces.

In Seattle, not Texas.